Training isn’t always hard… and… Hospital Hill Run… sweeps!

(If you are looking for a free entry to the Hospital Hill Run see the bottom of this post)

Ok… so I’m just sitting here at the moment, having a nice glass of wine, writing on my blog — the great news is that I’m training hard, right now. I didn’t run tonight and didn’t run yesterday but – yes! I am training hard!

So I took two days off. It is warranted and believe me, over all else – it is NEEDED! I ran the second leg of the three legged monster the Heartland 39.3 series which consists of 3 half-marathons in 5 weeks. Well the first two are done and now a welcome 3 week break until the next run. Because of this extended break I’m taking a couple of days off and more-so really because my body has demanded it. Oh I’m not feeling too bad, but after the Kansas Half-Marathon this past Sunday, my legs were a little sore and then disturbingly in the evening my right heel began to exhibit a peculiar behavior while I walked around — it felt like a tendon was flapping around loose in there! Sounds scary; (and it is actually) when things are normal they’re normal, and when things hurt they hurt… but when things feel just downright weird you uneasily wonder. Well thankfully I never had any pain, and as I’ve tried to go extremely easy on it – it hasn’t been a problem since. In conclusion though I could yes, tell that one week after my new half-marathon PR had been established at the Rock The Parkway run that I wasn’t quite 100% a week later. I was 90% or so… I felt ok and still ran the half in 1:50:38. Not bad.

Well because of this “weird” sensation I decided to take 2-4 days off completely. I’m on day two now and feeling fine. Yesterday though I was driving home from work and it was a beautiful day out. I really wanted to go out running. I knew I would enjoy it and gosh was the weather nice… just perfect. No though, no. Rest is needed. This was one day after the race and I KNOW I will benefit more from sitting on my butt than I will going out there and logging some trash miles. Yeah, I said it… trash miles. You’ve heard of them before but weren’t certain where they go? That would have been them.

Now don’t worry, I will hit the trails soon enough (and believe me I’m itching now) and training will continue; this rest will have been an important part in it in the long run (haha) I’m certain.

Well what am I training for? Many many more runs. A lifetime of runs. Two in particular at the moment though – the Running With The Cows Half-Marathon and the 39th Annual Hospital Hill Run.

The Running With The Cows will be the third and final leg of the 39.3 series. I’m looking forward to see how the series all wraps up!

The 39th Annual Hospital Hill Run will be my 6th consecutive running of it and I’m looking forward to it just as much as ever. I plan to write more and more about it as it draws closer, but tonight I have something special to offer you. Maybe you’re on the fence about running it or just trying to find out more information about it (I do have some Race Reports written about it)… what would make you run it for sure what would make you pull the trigger? My site is frequently hit up as a result of the search phrases: “Hospital hill coupon code” and the like.

I can offer FREE — that’s right ABSOLUTELY FREE ONE SINGLE ENTRY to the Hospital Hill Run. It doesn’t matter if you’re running the 5k the 10k or the Half-Marathon. Any distance will do. The race is coming up and from what I’ve heard it’s now nearly 75% sold out.

Ok, so what do you have to do to get this free entry? Not much. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog entry and tell me why you’re running Hospital Hill this year. Any reason will do of course – there are no wrong answers, I’m just genuinely curious! BUT THERE IS ONE CATCH!!! I will not give away an entry unless there are at LEAST 9 total unique visitor comments! So what you might possibly need to do is leave a comment yourself and then have a friend of yours leave a comment and so on and so forth. Hey… 1 of 9 odds is pretty good right? And uh, its pretty easy to tell if you leave all 9 yourself. Just be sure to include your email in the process (it won’t be shared).

So, why are you running (or wanting to run) The Hospital Hill Run this year?

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17 Responses to “Training isn’t always hard… and… Hospital Hill Run… sweeps!”

  • Ryan Says:

    Hi well I just think it looks like a good race for me in a 5k probably. thanks!

  • cbn Says:

    I’ve never done the HH run before, but my sister (who lives out West) and her family have signed up since they’ll be in town then… I guess it’s going to be a family event! (I was stalling on entering, so maybe this is the push I needed!)

  • Chandra Says:

    So I’m the Sister from out West, the one mentioned in the previous reply. My yearly visit back home just happens to fall on the Hospital Hill run weekend. So I googled it and am gently pushing my Sister, previous track star (back in the glory days of H.S.)to run our first ever anything event!! But she hasn’t registered yet!!! Ahem, hoping this will help her right along…. 🙂

  • admin Says:

    Great!! Thanks both of you for stopping by… I will give it until the end of this week to hopefully get some more replies. I may even be able to give away 2 entries if a few more people will make it competitive.

    Regardless of your entry method… I hope you’re able to make it out, The Hospital Hill Run is a great one!

  • bjc Says:

    I’m the spouse of the Sister from out west, and I too, am running in the HHR. My knees are shot, but my wife signed me up anyway, because she’s mean like that. Go ahead and give the entry to my sister in law (cbn), Thanks.

  • Sally Hathaway Says:

    I just finished nursing school, and am working in a local area NICU. I wasn’t able to run in the past because of school, but am anxious to get out this year and kick those hill’s butts!

  • Rita DeGrate Colbert Says:

    My dad ran this more than twenty years ago. He is in poor health now, but my sister and I are running this year for him. I would LOVE this entry.

  • Colleen Graham Says:

    I’m running this because the Kansas City Half last fall kicked my a** and I’m not happy about it. Rock the Parkway Half – love it…can handle those hills. But I have a bone to pick with the downtown hills and its payback time. And if I chicken out…there’s always the 10k

  • James Graham Says:

    I’m running because I can’t sit on the couch while my wife runs.

  • Colleen Graham Says:

    I’m running because the KC Half Marathon kicked my a__ last fall. Rock the Parkway Half – love it and can handle those hills. But I have a bone to pick with the downtown hills…

  • Greg Appel Says:

    My friend ran the half last year and is doing it again this year. She is trying hard to talk me into this. I have just started training this year, and have started shooting for 5K’s. Just 2 days ago I finished my first 5K. WARRIOR DASH!! It was amazing. Now I’m hooked!

  • Adam Says:

    I just started running this year and want to challenge myself to my first half marathon. Looking forward to pushing myself for this one!

  • Sam Says:

    I am commenting for my husband (Adam above). He has never really been a runner before but is training to run the HH half marathon. I am so proud of him!

  • Amy Morrison Says:

    Hi, I would like to do the HH half marathon because I just moved to KC (today) and I am training for a full marathon and this seems like the perfect opportunity to introduce myself to KC and get some training in! Is this really going to give me free entry?? I hope so because I haven’t signed up!

  • Nick Says:

    Heard nothing but great things about this race. Starting off small with a 5K but am working on more miles

  • Rebecca Says:

    Just starting out, but what better way to challenge my 3 previous 5K times the past few months that I’ve started running!!!!

  • Lin Says:

    Im run for boston <3

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