…and training continues; the weeks are short!

April, while not over yet… has FLOWN by. Those 82 days I wrote about until the Hospital Hill Run has been reduced to 43 days! While that still sounds like a lot… it’s really just barely over a month. Luckily I shouldn’t have to cram this time around or worry since training has been going extremely well. I’ve been training and running like a madman and keeping up with it well.

Had Rock The Parkway last weekend which went as good as possible… got everything I wanted which was a PR. The day and days following, I was filled with thoughts of — “wow this 39.3 is killer after all” and “why in the world did I sign up for ANOTHER race next weekend?!?!” Yep… another half-marathon on Sunday. I’ve kept loose this week though, going running 3 times one of which including a 2.5 mile route I usually do at the quickest pace I can muster, and ran the fastest yet! It has two major hills in it and I still managed an average pace of 7:11, which for me is quite good. Pretty pleased.

Now the only real dilemma is – what do I go for this weekend? Do I try for another PR? Do I take it REAL easy and just enjoy myself? That’s always hard to do… just run easy… but I might try it. I could also try for a “Kansas Half-Marathon” PR … beat my time of 1:46:29… but the couple problems with that is I feel the 2009 race in which I ran that time may have been slightly short, and I believe the course could be different this time. Hmmm… I guess I can check let me see… ok after a little investigation I have the 2009 map compared to the 2012 map… so it is quite different:

Kansas Half-Marathon route comparison


I also ran in 2008, but that was before I had my Garmin 405/Mapping agent 🙂 Back then it was the “Lawrence Therapy-Works Half-Marathon” and I’m quite sure the event that year was a different course still.

After this weekend there is a 3 week breather before the tertiary leg of the 39.3 series, the Running With The Cows Half-Marathon… after that its another 3 week break and then the Hospital Hill Run. I’ll have more to say on that after this weekend. Till then… run.

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