Rock The Parkway 2012 – Completed!

Pretty good run today, set a new PR which was pretty much my goal.

Unofficial Finish:

1:44:20    377/4018 overall, 58/262 age group.

BIG THANKS to Roger Samuel and Paul Bajich who paced the 1:45 group using Smart Pacing. They did a superb job and really helped me accomplish my goal! There’s been races where I’ve had varying degrees of success with and without pacers, but this was definitely a good one. The splits were right on the money. If I had tried to even split this thing (which is a terrible plan no matter the circumstance, at least for me) it would have been curtains after I tried to do mile 1-3 at 8:00/mi — not being warmed up. Well the pacing worked out perfectly. I wanted 1:44:59 and I got 1:44:20. More than 2 minutes better than my previous PR of 1:46:59. I even entertained going for 1:43 something… but that’s another story… maybe I’ll write up a race report?

Here were the splits:

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