Rock The Parkway 2012

Training… COMPLETE! I really feel like I nailed this training. Sometimes I’ve been woefully inadequate in training in some areas (long runs) I feel… but this time I’m pretty sure I did everything right. I didn’t follow any certain schedule to a T, but I was kinda sorta halfway loosely following the FIRST program for 1/2 marathons which takes 3-4 runs per week and puts them to use. If you did the program for real you would be training like a beast. I’ve trained “ALMOST FIRST” before though (my own invention). When FIRST calls for:

10-20 minute warmup
2 x 1200m
4 x 800m
10 minute cooldown

I train:

5 minute warmup
1 x 1200m
2 x 800m
10 minute cooldown.

As you can see I’ve cooled down correctly. But I digress! Other than THAT… I did speedwork, long runs, short runs, medium runs, biking, weight lifting, sleeping, eating, resting (even when I wanted to run a couple times, seriously! I made myself rest!). You CAN overdo it of course.

I’m really excited for Saturday though. This is a HUGE race that just came out of nowhere. 7,500 runners and sold out for two months! Wow! Part of that has got to be because its part of the 39.3 series… which yes I’m signed up for so I’ll see you at the other two right?

Are you excited for Rock the Parkway? Have you done it before?

Still looking forward of course to the Hospital Hill Run coming up June 2 too! That oughta make for a 52.4 series. That sounds a lot more impressive than 39.3! It’s TWO fulls! Ok well… more soon… I need that rest ya know.

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