2011 Running In Review…

Well another year is in the books and as I believe I will safely make it to 2012 without running anymore races I can go ahead and close this one out.

It’s been a heck of a year…! Check out the highlights:

– Ran two marathons in same calendar year for first time
– Improved marathon PR
– First race win overall
– Took my son to two races, and a friend to another (his first ever)
– Placed in the previously elusive Steeplechase 5k for the first time (third time running it)
– Ran 20 mile (longest yet) trail run
– Ran 5th consecutive Hospital Hill

Some of those its hard to believe they happened this year! Such fond memories… especially of the WARMTH and HOT for lack of a better way to say it… yes… I enjoy being HOT out on a run, whereas, you probably guessed, I hate being COLD out on a run! Yes… despite my little snowflakes up there and the suggested pretense that I’m out there braving it in the Kansas cold — I have mostly been running on a treadmill… watching The League, Breaking Bad, and other random Netflix offerings… makes the treadmill bearable in an otherwise unfinished and cluttered basement. Oh I have been out here and there… this winter really hasn’t been that bad thusfar. I went on a trail run the other day at my favorite place to run, Ken Bernard Park. That was December 18th and I believe it was 57 degrees??!!?! That is almost unheard of! …and now I’m hearing its supposed to be 55 on Christmas. Hope that means a mild winter and not a dreadful February.

So next up in the spring I’ll have an extremely busy (non-running) schedule to contend with but I tentatively plan to try to complete the 39.3 circuit to start the year… followed quickly by Five Trails Half-Marathon and ye-olde-Hospital Hill. No plans for a full yet, but KC will always suffice and I have missed it the past THREE years now! Unforgivable!  Gotta try some trail runs too of course… likely planning on the 20 miler again…

2012 looks like it could be quite a year for running!

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