FMWR ROCKS 5k – When is it?

Rocks 5k. I can’t Ok… won’t dog the thing too hard for a couple reasons. It was the first 5k I ran in my adult life and they have persevered… running it every year no matter what.

I ran it in 2007 at the beggining of my adult running career… and it was a great race. I’m sure at least 100 people ran the thing; there was pomp and circumstance and prizes and medals, and I got one. 1st place 25-29 category (yes I was young then in 2007). The race director even shook my hand afterwards and entreated me to enter next year, to which I said I wouldn’t miss it.

Not quite sure what happened, but when I showed up in 2008 there were a grand total of 14 other runners ready to go. I overheard an MP remark at one point “There wasn’t even an OP order for this” which in military jargon basically means – “this thing is FUBAR you are DAMN lucky we are even letting you commence.” So all 8 of us (I think some people left) lined up and ran it. When I finished it in 24:06 (23:47 the year prior) my dad remarks to me — I don’t think that was 5k? And it might not have been. In about 10 5ks I’ve run on Fort Leavenworth all but one have followed the same course. Guess which one didn’t? (yes the 2008 Rocks course was different than the 2007 Rocks course).

Ok still with me? In 2009 I asked my buddy to run Rocks with me. He laughed and remarked he was getting tired of unorganized Fort Leavenworth races. Well neither one of us ran it. Most Fort Leavenworth races I’ve run have been organized… hmmm… maybe he’s a Rocks veteran.

Once upon a time (2007) I dug up some info on Rocks and past race results… so I know it was run prior to then as well. Apparently it was part of a scholarship from Rocks, Inc. This seemed quite plausible in 2007… but since then? And I can’t seem to find that same info anymore…

Ok… so great in 2007, terrible in 2008, unknown in 2009, unknown again in 2010, but I know it happened in some shape or form both years… and now in 2011.. true to form… it has been advertised thus in 2011:

Enlarging you’ll see three different ads, three different dates. So… my advice is: GO! When and where is up to you (you should probably call) and then you can tell me how much of a cluster-#$*& it is. Hey maybe it will be like 2007 and you’ll be helping someone with a scholarship — or maybe you’ll win a *gatorade bottle.


(*standard prize in every Ft. Leavenworth Race)

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