Random Thoughts and Race Day Weather…

Less than a month to go! Yes… its the perfect time to panic! That is, unless you’re fully trained up right? 🙂 Hey don’t worry… there’s still time for plenty of CT (Crunch Time) Runs!

I’ve neglected to write on here for a long time it seems… looking back… last post… March 23rd. OUCH! Yikes! And it’s now May 7th! WOWZA! Race day is almost upon us!!!

I’ve had so many posts I should have written since then… so much to say… but I’ve only been neglecting to write… I’ve not been neglecting life! I’ve been busy! There’s so much to say though that I’m just going to attempt to write a bunch of short quip bullets and hope that will suffice…

1. Ran 14.7 miles today. Calves hurt afterwords so bad that I wonder why I do this to myself. Later when they didn’t hurt I was so happy I accomplished my goal of a 15 mile (hey almost) training run today!

2. Drank a few too many beers one night and decided it would be a good idea to sign up last-minute for a race in Minneapolis where I would be for just a couple days! Occasionally regretting the added logistics (and price for being a last minute registrant) – it wasn’t bad! That was actually uncharacteristically my *first* race of the year… normally I’ve done a few by this time. It was perfect weather and a very flat course. I was happy enough with it.

3. Today was a great day (May 5th at time of writing). The Royals won, (nice walk-off win!), Sporting KC won, my 4 year old daughter was in her first ever dance recital, it was Cinco De Mayo and we had Mexican and margaritas! Along with the run that’s a resounding victory.

4. It’s ok to wear cotton sometimes. It will not kill you. When race day comes (and your race is long) some tech shirt might be better. But for an every day run? What do you think people ran in for the last 50 years! Cotton! It’s ok! It won’t kill you!

5. Did you read my previous post (my Garmin 405 gave up the ghost)? Garmin Dead? It’s back and its fixed! The new battery is kick-butt! If your Garmin is dead or dying, I highly recommend the service I used! (http://stores.ebay.com/fixyourgps)

6. I had a TREMENDOUS run one day after the night before I scarfed tons of pizza and beer. You don’t have to opt for pasta if you don’t want to. This pace over a half would have scored me my new goal which is to run a half in 1:39:59.

7. Unless Hospital Hill is your first and/or only Half-Marathon completed or to be completed… I wouldn’t expect a PR at it. Why? Just cause it’s kinda hilly and you could probably run faster on a flatter course. Is this a downer? Heck no! I’ve assigned for myself a special, Hospital Hill PR which stands apart from other half-marathons! It’s in its own category! Each year I shoot for a Hospital Hill specific PR.

8. But you *can* PR it… last year’s weather was so perfect… 58 at 7am, 68 by 10am… (and then a perfect 82 that afternoon). I ran a Hospital Hill PR what I perceived to be “easily” — could have gone for more (a true PR)? Will this year’s weather be so good that you and I can both get a real PR here? Could happen.

9. In fact … let’s take a look… How does that weather compare to years past?

Year 7AM Start 10AM (3HR) HIGH Finish Time
2012 58 68 82 1:47:23
2011 80 87 93 1:54:51
2010 78 82 91 1:48:42
2009 71 71 87 1:51:37
2008 80 84 87 1:54:57

Wow! Look at the difference from 2011 to 2012! 20 degree differences at start and finish!

Well weather isn’t everything of course… but I did run the fastest on the coolest year and the slowest on the hottest years! I do also have a particular specific memory of 2011 – being hot and hurting/winded (but good 🙂 )out on the course and there being a bucket of ice available around mile 10 — I was so thankful for it! Next year, didn’t need it!

10. But… you can’t control the weather. Rain, snow, heat, cool… it is what it is and we’ll make the best of it. Just realize it could affect performance! What it doesn’t affect is the awesomeness of the event. It continues to be awesome despite the weather!

11. This year it could snow at Hospital Hill. Or it could be the hottest one ever. You never know with Kansas City weather!

Leave a comment on this post predicting the air temperature in Kansas City at 7:00am on race day and whomever guesses closest to the actual temp at 7:00am June 1st (before race day obviously)! I’ll send you a $15 gift card to RoadID! (if I can find it)

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