Hospital Hill Blogging Kickoff

Hello – I’m thrilled that you’re here and for this opportunity to write once again about one of my favorite races ~ The Hospital Hill Run!

Let me quickly introduce myself and this blog:

I started the blog in 2008 when I had a goal of running the KC Marathon in under four hours. I thought it would be a nice way to track all of my stats / runs… it turned out well (I met my goal!) and I’ve just basically continued it since.

It’s mostly served me since then as an immensely useful tool to look on my past experiences to better prepare for those in the future. It’s also quite fun reliving those past experiences too! 🙂

As for myself… I’m 34, male, average runner, 4 kids, super busy schedule with many interests that compete for my time.

I started running in my adult life a little more than 6 years ago, right after I quit smoking. Yeah that sucks huh? Smoking! Ew gross! I can’t believe I once enjoyed that…. tsk tsk. Running is SOOOO much better! 🙂

I always knew I would return to running though. It’s in my blood. My dad was a runner, and when I was growing up I would go with him to 5ks and such. I was even a middle school track star (didn’t translate up into high school though).

Since I started running again in 2006 I’ve run 6 marathons in 4 states, 17 half-marathons in 3 states, and dozens of other races.

When I first began the quitting smoking and running a co-worker commented to me, one day 6 years ago, about Hospital Hill. “Hey so you’re a runner now huh? Maybe you can do Hospital Hill!” – this was a challenge of sorts as it was spoken with a tone that suggested not only was I not really going to keep this running thing up, I would never be able to do something like Hospital Hill… obviously a runner’s mecca of some sort? I had to know… I googled it and found it. I was fascinated. I just stared in awe at those runners. And it had such a ring to it… Hospital Hill! It sounded so foreboding and awesome at the same time. I wasn’t really sure if I’d ever be up for that challenge – but I knew I wanted it… badly.

That year I ran my first half-marathon ever, the Hospital Hill in 1:56:32. I nearly broke down in tears at the end. I relished every second of that day and absolutely glowed for a week. I’d found another kind of runner’s high.

And boy was I a NEWB. I ran that race in TWO cotton t-shirts, cotton underwear, basketball shorts, and with an ipod held in my hand. I even wore a watch with hands on it and a leather band! EGADS! I’m fairly certain I saw someone that morning before the race pointing at me (with my half-marathon bib attached) and remarking to their son that I was ill-equipped to run this race. But *I* also remember seeing someone else at the race wearing such rags they honestly looked like they were a dirty homeless person (and I don’t mean that in a bad way, I mean a homeless person who is quite unwashed) lined up to run… and I think that person left me in the dust. So… gear isn’t everything.


The Running Newb in 2007

These days of course I run in the latest fashions, shiny shoes, and a trusty Garmin which I’m nearly distraught without. I am quite looking forward to this year’s Hospital Hill. It will be my 7th consecutive running.

I could quite literally type for hours about running, but I suppose I will wrap this up for now to save something for next time….

I plan to explore many topics over the next many weeks leading up to the Hospital Hill Run:

1. Beer… How does it enhance running?
2. Beer… How does it taste so good?
3. Beer is a great carb source.
4. Finding time to run with the activities of 4 kids, 2 dogs, rampancy, rampancy, rampancy, rampancy, rampancy, 2 kids, 4 dogs, 8 beers, trail running, 3 shoes
5. Hill Training
6. Speed Work
7. The quest to find the time and energy to complete a long run
8. Establishment of a 2013 Hospital Hill Run Goal Time
9. ?
10. Profit

That’s it ladies and gentlemen! I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Hospital Hill Run blog post. Tune in next week for the thrilling continuing ramblings where I will try as hard as I can to make you laugh out loud or at least smile and perhaps even offer a morsel of information that might em-better your running! HAPPY RUNNING!

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