2012 Running In Review…

Well 2013 is here, another year, another running circuit begins. It’s going to be immensely hard to top 2012 in 2013… but I think its doable.
Why will it be so hard to top? Looking back at 2012 it was a tremendous year for me… I set a PR in almost every distance I raced… and not by seconds, by minutes.

– Improved 10k time by about a minute (and did it on the toughest course possible…)
– Improved Half-Marathon time by 3 minutes (set Half-Marathon PR twice)
– Improved Hospital Hill PR by a minute and a half (yes that race gets its own PR) (weather was great!)
– Improved Psycho Wyco (20 miler) by 14 minutes (no mud!)
– Improved Marathon time by almost 9 minutes (I didn’t train enough, and earned this one on the course)

I had all of those as goals and met them all. I also just went back and read my 2011 Running Year in Review and realized I also did the 39.3 this year, as well as Hospital Hill, Psycho Wyco, and the KC Full which I’ve been meaning to do for the last three years… Wow… I did it all! I’m so proud of me. Hard to believe that 39.3 was even last spring… that seems like it was so long ago but really I suppose it was.

Hmm… the only thing I seem to be unable to improve upon is my 5k time. Maybe this year I can do that. I look back at my supposed PR though with question marks now… a 2007 run on Ft. Leavenworth before I carried a Garmin? Knowing some of those runs it could have been a full quarter mile short. Almost makes me want to pick another one as my PR… which I pretty much did… but I digress.

2013 could be looking ok I think. I’ve not slacked off this Winter as I have done in years past (although my 2012 was great and I did not slack off last winter either!). That must be the secret (and what a secret it is! not.) — to not slack off. Who woulda thought?

Now if only I quit drinking all those heavy beers too… that would probably make a difference? Nah, not worth it… and they are a great way to carb up is how I look at it! I think a few Boulevards fueled nearly almost all of those runs.

This year I may be blogging for the Hospital Hill, or I may not… I haven’t heard back from them yet. Regardless they will be employing (in the deployed since, not the check writing sense) an army of bloggers this year who should each have a different take on their train up and goals etc… that ought to be fun to observe.

Next race I am realistically looking at doing is the Parkville Trail 8k on February 3rd. I did that race last year and it was quite enjoyable. I’m also really enjoying trail running … both in official races and training. These days I’d say I do at least half, if not more of my outside runs at least partially on trails… and when I’m running “street” a lot of times I’m just running on it to get to the trail.

Here’s to 2013 and another great year for everyone!

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