Remember remember this warm November

Star date, November 22, 2012. I’ve located a new trail in Lansing, Kansas.

I suppose there were always trails of some sort here… deer trails and what not… but now it is official and WIDE! Lansing has a new trail. I’ve already run it twice now. It’s quite short… there’s a 1/8th mile concrete path that leads to the trail head, and then the trail itself is another 1/6th mile possibly… right now it looks like it leads just about nowhere, but during wetter (more normal?) times it leads to a nice waterfall. I’ve visited this waterfall a few times in the past and each time there was quite a falling of water… so hopefully its only a temporary situation with no waterfall… after all this was the year of the exceptional drought. Not bad, not worse, not extreme, not super bad, not ultra-&%$#*@$-bad, it was EXCEPTIONALLY bad…. and its still going.

This does make it nice to be able to run on the stream beds. That allowed me to accumulate a little more mileage here on the first occasion… and I made plans for wetter/more normal times.

Passing the 1/6th mile mark and arriving at the (would be) falls – this appears to be the end of the official trail. Leading off from here other than the two stream beds are several deer trails. I made the most of these and turned them into some nice running trails, even discovering a few things in this urban sanctuary.

So Lansing adds a third trail to run on… the first Kelly Grove Trail, the second, my beloved Ken Bernard Park Trail, and now Angel Falls Trail. There may be more to come on this one as I plan on blazing a few new paths there. For now here’s a rough graph of it:

I actually discovered this trail had been placed by finding a geocache here. It seems these two sports often go hand in hand… trail running and geocaching.


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