Aug 14 2013

Psycho Running

Hmmm. This is a transitional time for me it seems. My disenchantment for road running and over the top costumes is matched only by my equal but opposite love of trail running that I am finding.

Oh I’m certain I will still seek out certain 5ks, certain road half-marathons (maybe?), and certain full marathons… but my current goal is now to attend each and every trail nerd event in their circuit. Not necessarily in one year for logistical reasons… sometimes I simply can’t make it.

In past years I’ve run the Psycho Psummer multiple times and their Intro 5k, but that’s been it.

This year I completed the Psycho Psummer again, but this time chose the 50k variant. Did the Psychodelic 5k Fire Version, and the 10k Psych Night. Should be doing the North Shore Trail on 9-7-13 run too for the first time.

Let me tell you the Psych Night is no joke. It’s crazy. I felt crazy running it. I was crazy. The only race report that can be said is that I madly ran like a madman into the dark and the night. I ran the last two miles by myself solidly in 10th place never seeing a person anywhere in front or behind me. I was sweating something crazy. Lots of mud thanks to a prior day rain. Lots of rocks and hills cause its Wyco. The twisty turns of the trail’s back section could throw you off the trail in a moment’s notice. I took the steep rocky descents with a reckless forward motion. I grunted up the ascents pressing on and on. I had a hammering psycho song playing in my head for some of the race which somehow seemed appropriate. I finished under an hour and was elated for my time. Never once looking back. Thankful for the great volunteers. Got to the end and drank a Coors Light in about 3 gulps it tasted so good. PSYCH NIGHT.

As for the 50k. It was quite an adventure. I trained hard for it. Consumed well. In doing so, I was entirely surprised to find that I was for the most part unfazed. I was actually astonished by how good I felt. I was super happy with my splits and my finish. It was hot and the trails were sooo rough. I hated the last 8 miles of it… I won’t lie about that. I was ready for it to be over at mile 22. I persevered though. That night even went to the Sporting KC game as planned.

I’ve been stunned with my progress. Since I’ve taken to the trails I’ve permanently dropped 5 pounds and feel good for it. Every single training run I’ve been on since that 50k has been my fastest yet. I’m humbled and amazed at my own body.

I’m just going to keep going.

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