Oct 20 2012

…and done…

We’ll see if this changes some (it’s changed quite a bit already from what I got this morning)… but mission accomplished! Bettered PR by about 8 minutes.

bib number: 1783
age: 34
gender: M
location: Lansing, KS
overall place: 318 out of 1461
division place: 52 out of 146
gender place: 266 out of 920
time: 3:48:51
pace: 8:45
5ksplit: 29:36.21
10ksplit: 56:31.30
13.1split: 1:56:59.98
21msplit: 3:02:53.98
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Oct 19 2012

Marathon tomorrow…

Hmmm… well here I am yet again. Marathon tomorrow. It’s really strange to think that 4 years ago almost to the day I was sitting probably in this same spot, drinking the same beer, typing on the same blog. Seriously!? When taken out of context that sounds rather boring! Well, I’m listening to some different music 🙂 Isn’t that nice? …and sure its a different computer, different running goal, different outlook… different… well…

Here was that post: “Marathon is tomorrow!!” #94… this will be #1,207 if I decide to click publish. A few posts between then and now!

Well like I said… its the same situation: it’s late, I’ve had a few beers (that’s CARBS you know!) and its time to get some sleep. Although it looks like I posted 8:30pm back in 08… its now almost 11pm! But that’s fine. Right on schedule.

ZZZZZZZ see you tomorrow.

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Oct 19 2012

3rd Annual CAC/STB FMWR Half-Marathon Results

Unfortunately these are very partial; I only have results for the top 20 men finishers in the 1/2 Marathon only.

There was a 5k and a 10k and obviously Women’s for each event — but I only got what I have! I’ve looked for the results elsewhere online… (they were supposed to have been posted on Active / FMWR) but I’ve been unable to locate them thusfar… so I will include what I have here:

Place Div/Tot Bib Name Age Official Time Pace
1 1/3 139 Brian Parker 40 1:31:12 6:58
2 1/10 121 Ivan Hurlburt 37 1:35:04 7:16
3 2/3 135 Nimrod Spilman 42 1:42:21 7:49
4 2/10 120 Sonny Hatton 36 1:43:19 7:54
5 3/10 107 Michael Buchanan 35 1:43:19 7:54
6 3/3 101 Craig Aitchison 44 1:44:45 8:00
7 4/10 137 Bob Wooten 34 1:47:34 8:13
8 5/10 122 Jarred Lang 35 1:47:39 8:14
9 1/5 116 Patrick Ginka 27 1:48:22 8:17
10 6/10 138 Matthew Ziglar 37 1:49:00 8:20
11 7/10 132 Sean Russell 36 1:49:51 8:24
12 8/10 125 Matt Molly 33 1:54:22 8:44
13 2/5 127 Christopher Ontiveros 28 1:57:04 8:57
14 3/5 141 Devon Corrias 24 1:57:21 8:58
15 1/1 134 Chez Shafer 63 2:05:25 9:35
16 9/10 102 Ed Arntson 32 2:06:58 9:42
17 ? 113 Wayne Dunlap ? 2:08:42 9:50
18 4/5 143 Justin Cox 26 2:11:07 10:01
19 5/5 142 William Ernest 28 2:16:11 10:24
20 10/10 133 Terrail Saffo 37 2:20:05 10:42

So there you have it. This is a tough course too which I think I’ve mentioned before… so each of those times should be a little more impressive than normal!

If I ever locate the complete results I’ll be sure to post them and/or link to them. If you locate them yourself, you could let me know in the comments too!

As for a race report for this one… well… there was a 5k, a 10k and a Half-Marathon. There were maybe 50-55 people total across all three? It was an enjoyable cool, rainy morning on a tough hills which was basically a solo run.

On the way out it was cool, not raining, and so quiet on top of Brunner Ridge (save my own footfalls) that I could have been miles and miles from civilization… a very enjoyable run.

On the way back it was raining quite steadily, and I had donned my headphones which were blasting very coincidentally appropriate tunes which really helped me charge it home.

There’s plenty more to say – including such unfortunate faults as the 5k route being incorrectly described and the ‘ol 360 spinning race arrows which pointed every which way at times… but despite these things — it was a nice time and a welcome and conveniently scheduled measure of my readiness for the KC Full tomorrow!

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Oct 16 2012

2012 Kansas City Marathon

The deadline to sign up online for the Kansas City Marathon was yesterday October 14th – and that’s when I finally made the commitment to run the full 26.2. I’m quite excited about it as I haven’t run the KC Full since 2008 and in 2009 just completed the half… I quite remember though that this is one of the absolute best races around for a multitude of reasons and just being part of it is a tremendous experience.

This blog was actually born in support of the 2008 KC Marathon – a training log which strove for the eventual attained goal of a sub four hour marathon. These days it’s mostly a useful tool for me to go back and see when and where I was ailing, winning, or just rambling…

As of late…

I returned to the Haven’s Trail run as the defending champion… ran about a minute faster and earned 3rd overall. I was pleased enough with this.

Ran a half-marathon on whim this past Saturday supposing that it would be a decent metric for ascertaining my ability to complete this coming Saturday’s Kansas City Marathon; as you may have surmised from the opening sentence of this writing it was a resounding success. The affectionately named CAC/STB FMWR Half-Marathon is actually a decently tough course which contains one of if not the largest hills in Leavenworth County. This monster which I have referred to previously as “Murderest” is indeed a beast but I was quite ready for it and even sprinted this one home finishing 7 minutes faster than my previous best. I’m quite happy to now run just about any half marathon in the “140s” instead of “150s”… I’m a 140 guy now! The next goal of course will be 130s 🙂

So what do I do about being a 3:57 marathon guy? Shoot for 3:45 of course! I felt really good at the end of this most recent 13, but as any marathoner knows… 13 miles is only half-way there. Shit can really start to hit the fan at about mile 18 for me… so we will see how it goes. I’m going to line up with the 3:45 group and see if I can hang on – the smart pacing may just allow me to do it as I have failed in pacing myself in some previous marathons. If all else fails I’d be pleased enough to run it in with the 4:00 pace group… led by Al Murano who helped me back in 2008 achieve the sub 4 marathon.

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