Aug 4 2011

Fast training and a charity.

Last night I had a nice run… I’ve been going on this little 2.5 mile route in the local neighborhood and apparently I just ran the quickest paced training run ever. In almost exactly 3 years since I got the Garmin 405, I’ve been on 260 training runs and races. Of those, 190 I had designated training runs ..  it appears that last night’s quick run was the fastest paced ever at a 7:22 pace. That should be exciting but instead I get a little worried thinking THAT’S the fastest I ever trained!? I need to work harder! Well that’s ok. I can do that going forward. My next goal will be to break 18 minutes for this little route. It was a little cooler last night, but here’s some fun stats:

1. July 19th – 21:59, 8:47 pace
2. July 21st – 20:38, 8:15 pace
3. July 23rd – 20:12, 8:05 pace
4. July 29th – 18:59, 7:36 pace
5. Aug 3rd – 18:25, 7:22 pace

That 2.5 miler has a couple of nice hills in it too… so this should be some great training for the Royals 5k coming up… in which I ran a 7:05 pace last year, 22:30… I’ll want to best that of course and from what I remember that course was fairly flat.

Well, speaking of the Royals 5k, this year I’ve decided to do something a little different. Like most races this one benefits a couple of charities. I usually don’t pay too much attention to the charities of a race other than feeling good about the cause that’s being supported and my small slice of registration fees going towards it. This year I’ve decided to see if I can go the extra mile and raise some extra money to benefit these charities. Read my plea here:

“Hey, this is a personal note from Bob. If you are here reading this, you know I love a couple of things that are going on here… running and Royals Baseball. I haven’t ever really gotten involved in a running charity or fundraising before besides feeling ok about the usual percentage of race funds that goes to the charity of choice… so I’m trying it out. The greatest thing about the charities here, Royals Charities and Variety Children’s Charity – is that everything stays right here in Kansas City so we are helping neighbors!! AND Kids! Help me meet my goal and feel great about doing it. When I run on August 28th I will be thinking about every single person that has helped out, and those we are helping out! Talk about a runner’s high! Thank you!!”

You can see all that on my fundraising page here:

Bob’s Fundraising Page

And yes, it is fully tax deductible as well!
Q: Will donors receive tax documentation for their donation?
A: Donors will automatically receive an email acknowledging their tax deductible donation for their records.

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