Jul 31 2011

July 2011

It was brought to my attention the other day that July on my blog was “looking rather thin”.

True, but I’m quite sure I’ve taken longer hiatuses before. My prolific procrastination (is that legal usage?) remember – is conveniently built right into the blog title… run sometimes, blog sometimes.

I’ll be honest – I think it’s been the heat… most days I’m just zapped. Hopefully though, you assumed I died – because that’s way more interesting. Yep… I’ve been out running several times in this Midwest-July heat wave* and either A) thought I was dead B) wished I was dead or C) brooded about how blog readers might assume I was dead after they deftly put together the clues that I lived in Kansas (almost reason enough for suicide), had been enduring (because of that exact geographical location) un-runnable (almost!) weather, and further – had scheduled a 20 mile trail run on July 9th – mention of which never quite made it to my blog – all that right after the last Murderest Marathon! Whew!

Well it has been hot… and I haven’t been blogging… but I have been running. I’ve been doing such things as going running with a killer hangover, running at the absolute hottest part of the day*, on multiple days, in a row, with a sweatsuit, drinking hot coffee. Only one of those statements is false!

But I digress. Let’s see. Foot injury is about done I think… it feels strange some days, but the weird pain is gone and that is GOOD. A huge relief. I just did the roll water bottle thing and that seems to have worked!?!? I did run the Psycho Psummer 20 miler. It was a beast once again, but I persevered and ran it in 4:38 finishing 17/43 males. It deserves its own race report (which I wrote some of) but probably won’t ever make it here. I can tell you this though – it’s aptly named. You don’t want to F#*k with that race.

Ok coming up I have the Royals 5k, KC 15k and Chicago Marathon. May try to throw a couple other things in there too.

Ok well it will be August soon so I better wrap this up… but the ice is broken. So maybe I’ll write some more soon. Unless I’m dead that is.

*Heat qualifier: 100+deg actual air temp on departure.

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