May 23 2011

Army Birthday Marathon/Half Marathon/10K/5K

As promised, I’ve made a map of the Army Birthday Marathon to be run on June 11th. You won’t find this anywhere else!

I stopped in Friday afternoon to inquire about the route and any other details and was told “its the same route as the half-marathon last year, just run twice” – well luckily I ran that race last year, the first ever Half- Marathon on Ft. Leavenworth. So I looked up my Garmin route, which worked to exactly 13.1 – and simply doubled it to bring you this:

Army Birthday Marathon Route

This could be a golden opportunity to win, place, or show in a Marathon. There are many age categories: 13 – 16; 17 – 19; 20 – 24; 25 – 29; 30 – 34; 35 – 39; 40 – 44; 45 – 49; 50 – 54; 55 – 59; 60 – 65; 66 and over…. and four distances. If they award the top 3, to each gender, in each category, in each race…  well that’s 288 awards! Ok well let’s remove gender since they didn’t actually break it down that way… they just said “top 3” which I’ll allow isn’t normal etiquette but I suppose you’ve got to make some cuts somewhere. That’s still going to be 144 awards though.

As for the Half, 10k and 5k distances, if it is like last year, and it sounds like it will be… the 5k and 10k each turn around on the same route as soon as their half distance is reached making for the appropriate distance upon arriving back at the start. The half of course simply just one out and back instead of two.

I really can’t imagine how many people will run the full. From what I can tell this has barely been advertised, and only just recently. Will make for an interesting race day!!

So… what are you running June 11th?

(you can sign up here: )

What distance will you run?

  • Marathon (22%, 2 Votes)
  • Half-Marathon (22%, 2 Votes)
  • Not attending (22%, 2 Votes)
  • 10k (11%, 1 Votes)
  • 5k (11%, 1 Votes)
  • Undecided (11%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 9

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May 19 2011

Running season begins in earnest

You only have to go back to 2008 to find a time when Leavenworth had zero races and Ft. Leavenworth just three or four. The 2011 totals look to smash that and then some. Since 2009 the races have increased each year but just today I just happened across an obscure plan for the rest of the year. I was astounded, and I’ve hunted them all down and rounded them up to present here. From 4 races total in 2008 to 2011 we now have:

May 15 – Five Trails Half-Marathon
June 4th – 3 Mile Creek 5k Run
September 25th – Buffalo Bill 5k Run
November 11th – Veteran’s Cross Country 5k
November 19th – Haven’s Wooded Trail 5k
December 3rd – High Noon’s Rudolph’s Red Nose Run

Ft. Leavenworth:
March 26th – Slim Down 5k
April 2nd – MOMC 5k
April 16th – Rocks 5k (ok this one doesn’t count)
May 7th – CGSC/FMWR Triathlon
June 11th – Army Birthday Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10k & 5k
June 18th – Munson Buffalo Run 5k
July 16th – FMWR Cross Country Run 5k/10k
August 27th – Great Escape 10k/4Mile
September 10th – FMWR/MAHC Freedom 5k
October 1st – CAC/STB Half-Marathon
October 22nd – APFRI/FMWR 10k/5k
November 19th – BCTP/FMWR Turkey Trot 5k
December 3rd – Rudolph Run 5k

So we’ve gone from 4 — to 19 races?! Wow! And now a FULL Marathon, 3 Half-Marathons, 4 10ks, a whole slew of 5ks, 3 trail runs and a 7.2 miler. I’m fairly stunned to say the least. 16 of these are new since 2008, but a full 7 of these are new just since last year! I’ll now be sorely disappointed if we don’t add an ironman and ultra next year.

I plan to be at quite a few of these the soonest being the June 18th Buffalo race. I believe I’ve even got two of my kids going to it with me. We all went and ‘trained’ tonight at the local 400m loop and had some fun timing mile, 400m, and 100m runs.

I’d love to enter the June 11th Marathon, but 3 weeks notice really? There’s not even a course map posted yet that I could find… but I do plan to hunt one down tomorrow if at all possible. Perhaps I will try to do the half or 10k option anyway.

In other news since I last posted I’ve been to Ireland for a week and even ran there on some beautiful castle grounds. Ireland deserves its own post though… if I ever get around to it I promise to say as much as possible.

That and well I’m getting quite anxious for Hospital Hill. Not sure if a 8:05 pace is going to be possible. Training at that pace just feels super fast and not sure if it’s going to be sustainable for the whole 13 … you know… with the hills and all? I’m certainly going to line up with the 1:45 group and go from there though — so I’m giving it a shot. In the event that I falter I will immediately invent the new rule that every 5th year is an off year and allows for a slower time than previous year, or perhaps it simply becomes the new standard for the next few years to follow. Training is going somewhat well… running a lot but foot still hurting and there seems to be an endless supply of food and beer wherever I go… I fear sometimes it may be slowing me down.

Well… hope to tell you about Ireland soon, it certainly was nice.

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