Nov 24 2010

Super Fall Update 2010

Latest Completed Races:

Leavenworth’s 5k River Run 2010. This is a nice race I think; good course, home-town, small, scenic and tough. This year I believe there were less participants than last year, sad for the city… However this year it was scheduled on the same day as the Kansas City Marathon… which is a major error I think. Last year it was scheduled in early September to coincide with a local festival – this year it was the middle of October. Not sure why the change.

This race also unessecarily split the women’s and men’s race thereby doubling the amount of time required for the entire event. With an event this small there’s just no need for that, although the race director did tell me it would be combined in 2011.

All that aside, for my part, I managed to finish 21:52, 3rd overall which I believe is my highest placed finish ever. I also finished 1st in age group (and not by default!)  and ran 12 seconds faster than last year. Still not anywhere close to breaking my PR – but it was within the same minute. For a tough course I was pretty happy with this. See you in 2011.

Haven’s Park Wooded Trail Run 5k. Last year some people got lost on this course, including me. The course was pretty well marked last year, but I was following the person in front of me… not the signs… and he was following the person in front of him, etc, etc. We missed a turn that wasn’t obvious and went WAY off course. Ok so in 2010 the course was purported to be VERY well marked, with many volunteers also directing at the turns. Despite these measures the field was decidedly thinned this year with only 34 registered finishers. In 2009 there were more than 70 finishers, so quite a disappointing draw down.

The course:

Two people did manage to take a wrong turn this year, however I finished the race on course, as did 31 others. I thought this year it was marked fine, extremely tough, well organized and supported. I highly recommend this race if you like trail events, or even if you’ve never run one. It should return in 2011 to be the best yet.

Garmin Forerunner vs. Nike+ Continued…

Not much to say really other than they have updated the Nike+ software numerous times, so it seems to be receiving great support. The first such update was bug fixes as I supposed in my last post would be to fix the issues I encountered – it was. I’ve updated and run with it several times with no problems at all. The subsequent updates have been to add features… I believe you can “get cheered on during your run” now from Facebook among other things. I don’t chose to do that, so I can’t really comment on it. I will continue to use the Garmin pretty much exclusively, but that is for the reason alone that it is just a watch I put on, and not something I have to “program” and strap on and worry about headphones and volume etc, etc. It is a very fine system though with many nice things about it. It’s virtually problem free and I can recommend it highly if you want to take your iPhone/iPod with you on a run.

Winter Marathon

Was going to run the Gobbler Grind on November 21st, but I didn’t. I next plan on a 20 mile trail run in February.

Winter Training on a Treadmill

My latest tidbit I can share about running on the treadmill is this: you want to do a “long run” on the treadmill but feel like quitting after 38 minutes? Instead of stopping — walk for a few minutes! You’ll soon be rejuvenated and ready to ramp it back up again! Tire again? Repeat the run-walk-run as many times as necessary to reach your time goal.

Watch some DVDs/Netflix/Hulu. I have a laptop propped up in front of my treadmill with Netflix playing Dexter lately. Works great and makes the treadmill seem like a nice multi-task!

Last Race of the year…

December 4th, Rudolph’s Red Nose Run 7.2 mile – see you there! (I ran it last year – its a fun run).

Spring Marathon

I said I’m running a 20 miler in February… isn’t that good enough? No? I think I’ll try the Olathe Oz Marathon April 16th 2011.

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