Aug 29 2010

Great Escape 2010

Yesterday I completed the Great Escape 10k 2010.

Thought I had a stellar run, but somehow ran the darn thing in 51:52 — my only goal of the day was to beat my time from 2007, which was 50:33. Mission NOT accomplished! Bummer!


The course finish line and starting line were both moved, and my trusty Garmin — which looking at the pathing and statistics appeared to be having a good day — measured the course at 6.51 miles, a full 3/10 of a mile too long. Oh I was watching (mostly because I was BEAT and hurrying to have it over with at the finish line) and was careful to hit a split on the watch at exactly 6.2 miles, which came in at 49:14. Now there’s a 10k time I’m happy with! Under 50 minutes is pretty much always the goal for a 10k, whether it be a race or a trainer. Also according to my watch my overall pace was under 8 minute miles so I’m stoked about that too. Especially considering this course has a rather large hill in it.

So the event though, went off quite well. A friend of mine frequently complains that the Fort Leavenworth races are frequently mismanaged and sometimes outright bungled. This one was executed rather well I thought, especially considering how many people showed up! When I ran this in 2007, I’d say there may have been about 75-125 runners? Yesterday there looked to be 250+ easily double 07. Haha get it? Well anyway, it was supposed to possibly start at 7:15, but got underway at 7:45 – due to a HUGE line to register/packet pickup. They ran out of shirts, but supposedly I have a raincheck for one. Other than that, it started well, was chip timed, had a pre-race show, great DJ, adequate refreshments before and after race, adequate facilities, and good water stops (3 of them on the 10k course).

I had a great time. The USDB puts on a good race! The only thing I hope for next year is an accurate 10k distance. I’m sure that can be worked out somehow with mostly keeping the same course. Perhaps I’ll look into it and submit a suggestion?

Here’s the garmin:

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Aug 7 2010


Officially training again after a short break. It was deserved (and smart) after that trail run don’t ya think?

Here’s an updated list with one more race added and a couple times adjusted:

August 28th, 7:15am – Fort Leavenworth – The Great Escape 10k & 4 Miler – USDB
September 11th, 8:30am – Fort Leavenworth – Freedom Run (5k?) – FMWR
September 18th, 9:00am – Lansing – Steeplechase 5k – St. Frances DeSales
October 2nd, 8:30am – Leavenworth – YAC Inaugural 5k – Leavenworth Youth Achievement Center
October 2nd, ?:??am – Fort Leavenworth – Inaugural CAC STB/FMWR Half-Marathon
October 9th, ?:??am – Leavenworth – Foundation 5k Run, IMAC
October 16th, 8:00am – Leavenworth – Three Mile Creek 5k Run to the River – Leavenworth Parks & Rec
November 20th, ?:??am – Leavenworth – Haven’s Park 5k Adventure Run – Leavenworth Parks & Rec
December 4th, 11:30am – Leavenworth – Rudolph Run 7.1 Miler – High Noon Saloon

Somewhere in there I plan on running a marathon too. Along with most of those! Decisions, decisions…

I also updated the top graphic (press refresh if you don’t see it?) and updated the statistics page a little.

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