Jun 8 2010

Hospital Hill Race Report 2010 Part 1

Hospital Hill Race report 2010…

Hospital Hill started with Hospital Hill week on Monday the 31st. With my first two Half Marathons of the year out of the way, including the highly anticipated home town Half (Leavenworth’s Five Trails Half Marathon), Hospital Hill was finally the center of attention. I went on a long training run wearing my Hospital hill tech shirt, I wore another around the house, and just generally began to get excited for the race.

I went running Monday afternoon, at high noon, very hot out and managed to eek out 7 miles. That was the last training run I went on before race day, but I felt it sufficient. Friday night the plan was as always, to have a pasta dinner — but we opted instead for convenience sake – Mexican. Well I decided to get some carbs from beers then. A Corona with dinner and two (or was it three?) Boulevard Wheats later was adequate I felt.

After an uneventful evening I attempted to sleep for a few hours, but I must have been hit with some anxiety because I don’t think I managed to fall asleep until after 1am. Four scant hours later I woke to my alarm and got ready.

A cup of coffee and bowl of cereal is my usual and this morning I didn’t adjust that formula – however I’ll have to say: Wheaties Fuel is not good. It’s so gross in fact, I nearly vomited standing over the sink while trying to choke some down. That was my third and final attempt at it. The taste is a cinnamon I think – which in and of itself is terrible, but the texture is what’s even worse. Anyway, I think I’m sticking with the regular Wheaties from now on.

To be continued…

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Jun 5 2010

Hospital Hill 2010 done!

Well here it is:

Well I’m quite pleased beat my goal time of 1:51:36 was it? The only bad news of course is that I have to now beat this time next year!

Hospital Hill was great though, what a great event. Will try to get a race report written with this year’s interesting happenings and quirks… I never did quite finish writing the 2009 report.

Well for now the unofficial result is 1:48:42… we’ll see if that changes in the coming days like it sometimes does…

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Jun 4 2010

Hospital Hill 2010 Tomorrow!

Well seems like it snuck up on me here all of a sudden — Hospital Hill is tomorrow!

Well I haven’t had a goal at all, other than to perhaps continue my streak of better times every year for Hospital Hill. In order to accomplish that I will need a time of 1:51:36. Yikes! That seems pretty fast! Especially considering two weekends ago, I ran 1:51:29 at the Council Bluffs IA. Ok… that sounds fine doesn’t it! For some reason I thought I ran 1:53 there, but after just checking its 1:51. Great. Although, the Council Bluffs half was EXTREMELY flat and Hospital Hill as you all know is QUITE hilly. Whatever the outcome it should be a good time. I was reminiscing today about the past three Hospital Hills I’ve run, 2007-2008-2009 and they are all fond, funny, and heartwarming memories. Hopefully this will be another great year.

So there you have it… my official goal time: 1:51:36. Here’s the years past:

Year Date Time Overall Age Gender Pace
HH 07 6-2-07 1:56:32 637/1545 59/105 479/955 8:54
41% 56% 50%
HH 08 6-7-08 1:54:57 390/1823 41/111 290/993 8:47
21% 36% 29%
HH 09 6-6-09 1:51:37 668/2400 102/204 521/1267 8:32
27% 50% 41%
HH 10 6-5-10 ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ?

It’s also interesting to note the Half-Marathon numbers year by year…
2007 – 1545
2008 – 1823
2009 – 2400
2010 – ?

Quite the increases year to year! We’ll have to see how many show up this year. Also of note, last year was the first time I remember seeing a LARGE number of Kenyan / Elites at the start.

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