Jan 25 2010

Welcome to 2010!

Ok! Updated several pages today:

Statistics on Quitting Smoking page (fixed PRs) – because I pretty much confirmed what I suspected all along: the Kansas (Lawrence) 2009 Half-Marathon distance was likely inaccurate. Not only did my mileage show a surprisingly short 12.83 miles (instead of 13.1) but I found at least one other person with a nearly identical reading — 12.77. So, my distance was within 0.06 miles of his – and both of ours were .27 and .33 miles off respectively of the expected 13.1.

My other Half-Marathons registered:

Hospital Hill 2009 – 13.09 (-.01) (right on the money)
KC Half-Marathon 2009 – 13.30 (+.20) (think I shut it off slightly after the finish)
Omaha Half 2008 – 13.24 (+.14) (again shut off a tad late)

The Lawrence 2009 Half was also a PR of 1:46:27 – which at the time was a PR of almost exactly five minutes. I felt I had an extremely strong run – but perhaps not quite that strong. Especially after the cold windy hill at the end. 12.83 / 1:46:27 = 13.1 / 1:48:46. Perhaps that would have been more accurate.

Shall I run it again this year and see??


Ok all that aside… also updated the Running Log to start anew, and added the Race Chart below! My goal for this year is going to be to BEAT my times of previous years where possible!! Since I am in a tougher division now (and not quite as easily able to place as evidenced by the lack of green colors heading east) and times actually for the most part seemed to *INCREASE* from 07-08-09 I’ve set myself the goal now of bettering as many of those times as possible for the year in races to come.

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Jan 25 2010

2007-2010 Race Chart

  2007 2008 2009 2010
5 Kilometer        
Rocks 5k 23:47 24:06 X  
Lansing Fun Run 23:40 27:18 X  
Steeple Chase X 22:11 X  
On the Run 22:39 X 22:42  
Turkey Trot 5k 21:05 [PR]
X X  
Summer Intro 5k X X 30:18*  
River Run 5k X X 22:04  
Haven’s 5k X X 32:27*  
5 Mile        
Tiblow Trot X 38:51 X  
8 Kilometer        
Amelia Earhart 36:10 X X  
10 Kilometer        
Great Escape 10k 50:33 X X  
Lenexa Freedom Run X 47:07 [PR] X  
Human Race 10k X 52:51 X  
7.2 Mile        
Rudolph’s Red Nose Run X X 57:22  
Lawrence Half-Marathon X 1:51:58 1:46:29*  
Hospital Hill 1:56:32 1:54:57 1:51:37  
Omaha Half-Marathon X 1:51:12 X  
Kansas City Half-Marathon X X 1:49:31 [PR]  
Kansas City Marathon 4:07:28 3:58:18 [PR] X  
Minneapolis Marathon X X 4:01:17  

* = Race distance was not accurate or equivalent.
Green color indicates placed in event.

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