Dec 9 2009

Winter’s Here (at long last, an update!)

It’s Winter – well actually no it’s not technically I suppose – but you’d never know it from the projected possible negative 14 windchill tonight (and an outright temperature of -2). I do believe that’s just about the coldest forecast I remember. We got a decent snow the past couple of days too.

Winter in name or not, the running season is definitely under the weather.

What of Gobbler you ask? Well I just got too darned busy to train for it.

So what have I been doing since Sep 28th? The date of the last blog post? Glad you asked!

Sep 29th – 3 Miles
Oct 1 – 3.5 Miles
Oct 6 – 3.5 Miles
Oct 12 – 9 Miles
Oct 17th – Kansas City Half-Marathon 2009, 1:49:31
Oct 23rd – 2.75 Miles (loosen up run after KC Half)
– No Runs –
Nov 21st – 3.47 Miles – Haven’s Wooded Trail Run 5k (went off course for extra mileage!) – 32:27
Dec 1st – 4.6 Miles
Dec 4th – 3.5 Miles
Dec 7th – 7.2 Miles, Rudolph’s Red Nose Run – 57:25

Seems like my training has fallen off SOOOO much… but looking back at the data now, its not as bad as I thought it might be. Almost 1 month hiatus between Oct 23 and Nov 21 (and Gobbler Grind would have been Nov 22). I did run twice on the treadmill the week leading up to Nov 21, but that’s it! I was concerned about my fitness for the Haven’s Trail Run, but it was fine!

Then didn’t run again for a bit – and decided to run the Rudolph race – which I only JUST found out about at the Haven’s Trail 5k.

…and now I’ve found out that there will be a Half-Marathon for the first time ever in Leavenworth Kansas!!! I’m stunned!!!

I mentioned in an earlier post about the storied past of road races in Leavenworth Kansas (actually there were next to none). And then in 2009 there were suddenly three – and now in 2010 there is another one to look forward to, and a half-marathon at that!!!

Here’s the website:

Well I’m getting excited about running again after that long month off – and my new Runner’s World came today. Will winter dampen my spirits? Quite possibly, but I’m already looking forward to the closest upcoming race I could find, a trail run on January 31, 2010.

More info coming soon and some race reports if I can get around to it. SOOOO busy!!

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