Apr 22 2009

The second long run, and a race!

Lately I’ve been considering revising a major goal of this blog – the goal time of the Hospital Hill run. Seems like more days that I’m out there laboring to come back with a run that while – good in many respects – falls well short of any sort of pace I’d need to be running to meet the goal time of 1:45:59 at Hospital Hill (especially considering the length of the race and the hills)…. The beauty of course is that I can change my goal finish – anytime I please. I could easily go in and change all times to reflect something like 1:49:59 – and you might even wonder if it always was.

Might not be a need though! I may actually be able to pull it off. This past weekend I ran the Lawrence Half-Marathon in a PR that was well better than my previous best time. 1:46:29 beat my previous PR of 1:51:12 by almost 5 full minutes, and thankfully – it was a somewhat hilly course to make the time even more credible. So with more training left to knock out and just 30 seconds to get down – its starting to look possibly doable. There were some strange things going on with the Lawrence Half-Marathon though… some of which I’ve addressed here in the full 2009 Kansas Marathon (Half-Marathon) Race Report!

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Apr 12 2009

One long run down…

I had scheduled myself to run 12 miles on Saturday, but why run 12 miles when you can run 13.1 miles?

I definitely need more long runs. This one actually went very well… but I was pretty darn tired out at the end. I wasn’t actually too bad myself “body tired” but my legs had been tested and abused and needed to quit. Knee hurts after about 9-10 miles and this not being a race I had failed to take such precautions as taking a preventive aleve. No matter… the pain is fine… I just don’t want to suffer an injury and the pain should be a precursor to injury … so … better to listen to the pain while training!

So… anyway… I really can’t believe I ran that Marathon this past fall in under 4 hours. I ran a good run here with this 13.1 mile, but I certainly don’t think I could have just doubled what I did… although I was running at a little faster pace. In fact that was the 3rd fastest half-marathon I’ve run, clocking in at 1:53:24 – faster than both of my past Hospital Hills. There are so many variables though… here I really tried to add some hills to the run but I’m sure they fall well short of Hospital Hill’s. I had no water breaks.. (so no stopping) and I had no water breaks (so no fuel or recharging) and I had no crowds cheering (always a big motivation!).

Well the point is it felt great to get a truly long run in. In fact — that is THE longest training run I have ever run with my Garmin 405. I believe it is the third longest training run I have EVER been on, the two higher ones being about a 14-15 miler I did one day whilst feeling great and a grueling 19 miler I did before my first ever marathon.

So I planned on 12 and did 13.34 — one long run down and 6 to go.

Next weekend I should be running the Kansas Half-Marathon. I’ll have a race report after!

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Apr 6 2009

It’s still cold.

35 right now, although it looks like it will warm up to a balmy 41 by the time I go running tonight – and its pretty windy, which should make it feel like a projected 31. Below freezing! Awesome! …and I have to run in it – didn’t get to run this weekend due to being EXTREMELY busy (yes – more than usual) so I’ve got to do some make up this week.

Ok so the weather could be worse… in Minneapolis right now its… well its 35 there. But in Iqaluit – its 1 (feels like -19). So yeah … could be a lot worse! And really I don’t mind the cold so much down to about 20. Beyond that its annoying to the point where I stick to the treadmill. Just the wind that can be unforgiving.

Funny, I almost got a post off last week (I only wrote half of it) about how I was finally back in shape. I could tell because I went out and jammed a 5 miler in a good time with no stitching, no straining, no effort even! Well I gave some effort of course – but it felt good – not bad. And well after “being back in shape” here I am nearly a week later with not another run.

So what’s my point? Nothing…
55 days out from the Minneapolis Marathon.
61 days until Hospital Hill.

Those sound like a lot on one hand – but on the other hand that’s barely ANY time at all!!
The bottom line is – its crunch time. Time to get some real mileage tracked out.
Here’s the plan:
April 11th – 12 Miles
April 18th – 15 Miles (OR run Kansas Half-Marathon on April 19th)
April 25th – 11 Miles
May 2nd – 12 Miles
May 9th – 20 Miles
May 16th – 15 Miles
May 23rd – 8 Miles
May 31st – 26.2 Miles (Minneapolis Marathon)
June 6th – 13.1 Miles (Hospital Hill)

Whew! It’s a crunch bunch of long runs, but looks quite doable as presented there.

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