Mar 29 2009


When running on the treadmill I usually think of all these things I could blog about… great ideas… things people would love to read and find out… things that would be sure to garner many a hit from google.

Well … its kind of like a dream. So vivid at the time – so real… and then you wake up… can barely remember them – or they are quickly forgotten. Well… after I get off the treadmill I usually go to stretch or take a shower or do a hundred other things than blog and when I sit down to blog – well I’ve either misplaced the ambition to publish such nuances or I’ve just forgotten them altogether.

Well one thing I’d be happy to blog about is the same subject which becomes your free gift. If you’re ever in a pinch for a good workout and only have 30 minutes and a treadmill – try this:

Ok Go! – Treadmill Workout.mp3
(right-click save as!)

We’ll just see how long that sits there until I receive a cease and desist from somebody. Until then… run to your heart’s content. It’s a treadmill workout by Ok Go! You know.. the guys that did the treadmill video?! It’s actually not as gimmicky as it sounds…. they are quite motivating…. and for the first time tonight I really kind of listened to the lyrics in all those songs. Now that was fun! Those lyrics were right up my alley! Your mileage may vary. Usually I don’t pay attention to lyrics until at least the first 20 times through songs… until then I only listen to the music and the notes of the voice… but I digress.

Its a ladder / interval workout – and in 30 minutes you are guaranteed to get a good workout. It’s probably only about the 5th or so time I’ve used it ever, but its nice to have in a pinch. Songs are good and the workout will get you sweaty.

Ok on to more important things.
Why haven’t I been working out lately? Damn mini-vacation is why. They even had these nice treadmills with a plasma in front of them that were just begging to be used… but I just didn’t have time. Did I say vacation? Woops I just meant out of town – on business… minimal pleasure.

So what DID I manage to do while I was away? EAT! Man it just seemed like every time I turned around it was time for another meal. And – is it any wonder why/how Americans are unhealthy/fat? The choices on the road sometimes are not the greatest – especially when its not your choice. Oh well.
Now that were home and have worked out/(gone for a run?) let’s ask one of life’s important questions:
Michelob Ultra: 95 calories 3 carbs
Boulevard Wheat Beer: 155 calories 35 carbs (my favorite beer)
Bud Select: 99 calories 3.1 carbs

I really don’t know what any of that means, except I see Michelob Ultra ads in Runner’s World all the time, and its really not that bad! I prefer the wheat though.

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Mar 22 2009


Nice weekend, nice runs, nice weather.

I did *another* 6.85 miler and I was thinking… man I really need to knock this 6.85 mile stuff off and just run longer than 6.85 miles… it was then that I figured out how to do it. Same way I quit smoking – just don’t smoke anymore. Well for the runs, just run longer than 6.85 miles. Easy! Well anyway… the new 6.85 I did was an even better one still…

March 7, 6.85 Miles – 1:02:54 – 9:11 pace
March 13, 6.85 Miles – 1:00:17 – 8:48 pace
March 14, 6.85 Miles – 57:02 – 8:19 pace
March 21, 6.85 Miles – 55:57 – 8:10 pace

Ok so that was yesterday (the 21st) and I felt fairly good about it. Still plenty of room for improvement there. That’s a great trainer for a 10k but I’ve got the Full & Half-Marathons coming up… Well today I ran 10.15 miles – a far cry from a marathon but a long run none the less. That is the longest training run I’ve been on since September 5, 2008! (not including races). After the four 7 milers though, I began to get pretty fatigued immediately following the 7 mile mark on the run today. Body gets used to running 7 miles and thinks I’m going to quit after that. Oh well… got plenty of runs and races coming up to get ready for Minneapolis — 70 days out! Is that a lot? Well its enough time that’s what matters.

Also timed the first 6.85 on today’s run inside the 10.15. AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Diabolical I know. It clocked in as: 6.85, 1:01:41, 9:00 pace.

Not so bad especially considering this: it was windy!! Wind directly out of the south and my first hour it seems was directly into the wind. Made it an even tougher run. By the time I finally headed home expecting a tailwind the wind was nearly gone completely in any direction. Well that’s good. Anything like that just makes it a better workout.

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Mar 15 2009

6.85 Miles

Here’s a fun one. Ran 6.85 miles on March 7th and didn’t feel too great about it. Walked three times! Well let me tell you I didn’t have the best “prep” by a long-shot leading up to this one… hah… well anyway there it was. 9:11 pace. That’s over a 4 hour marathon, just over a 2 hour 1/2. But, this is of course only 7 miles (not quite). Oh well… it was a run.

FF to March 13th… I ran the same route… I thought I was doing a lot better (and I did wait for traffic for at least 1 minute I’m sure… it was much busier this time (rush hour). Well this one I ran in 1:00:17. I was really trying to get there under an hour but just didn’t happen. Oh well. 8:48 pace… better. Now we’re well under two hours on a 1/2.

March 14th… ran the same route again. This time I put forward a little effort, although for some reason I still wasn’t feeling 100%. Knocked this one out in well under an hour, 57:02 – 8:19 pace – now that’s a 1:49:01 half marathon – now we’re talking!! Of course, this wasn’t a half-marathon … it was 6.85 miles.

We’re getting there though I think… 🙂 Weather getting better… just going to have to cram from here on out… 76 days until the Minneapolis Marathon and 82 days until Hospital hill. That’s plenty of time to get some runs in. Now… just to get them done…

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