Feb 5 2009

Minneapolis Marathon

I’m signed up, running it… officially. I’ve paid my $85 so no turning back now! Finisher’s jacket… hmm that’s a nice new one! The marathon looks great, and its the inaugural – so I’ll be happy to be there! Here’s the website: Minneapolis Marathon 2009 – of course they have another one that they’ve done for years that will be on October 4th. I think I like May 31 in Minnesota better… but we’ll see. Should be perfect weather.

No goal in mind for this one – just want to finish it and have fun. A PR might be nice, and it appears to be a fast course unlike hilly KC.

But — its only a week out from Hospital Hill!!! How will that pan out for Hospital Hill?? Who knows… remains to be seen I guess! Hopefully I’m not too tired. Might not bode too well for my Hospital Hill goal… but should be still quite doable. After all — there are people who do 50 consecutive marathons on 50 consecutive days in 50 different states – and then those that strive for even more…

So… the Inaugural¬† Minneapolis Marathon looks to be a fun one – and like any good marathon they are interested in attracting “out of staters” or “50 staters” — so they have a promotion running where the first 3 participants from each of the 50 states can get some prizes. Well I’m the first from Kansas! They have 23 states going so far… still 2 slots available from Kansas and 3 slots available from Missouri. They have a standings page for it all too.

Well… another treadmill run down, and nice weather on the way. Maybe I can knock out some distance runs soon… yeah that sounds good.

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