Dec 23 2008

Training Begins

Ok… so maybe this is the third or so time I’ve made this claim… but this time it’s true! Monday’s a good day to start something right?

Well just for a short story I ran into my marathoning partner in crime at Wal-Mart whilst doing the LAST of last minute shopping.. that’s right I’m done Christmas shopping. Well anyway he asks how the training is going since its been -15 to 8 degrees with the windchills the past week or so. I tell him I’m doing the treadmill thing and so is he… anyway he mentions that he usually watches TV… yeah I’d thought of that before but until this moment I didn’t realize what a good idea this actually was…

So last night I turned a TV around in front of the treadmill, hooked up some headphones and started running… watching Firefly DVD – the episode – Ariel – a good one! I forgot how much I love this show.

So before I knew it I was 20 minutes in and not even paying attention to the running which I was doing at a pretty brisk pace. Definitely found a new thing to do which should make the treadmill a lot more to look forward to. I’ll be able to catch up on all kinds of movies and shows that I normally don’t have time for…

Well unfortunatley my great workout was interuppted about 27 minutes in… oh well. I’m sure I’ll get another one in tonight for hopefully quite longer.

OK so… first recorded training:

Dec 22 – 27 Minutes

95 days to go.

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Dec 18 2008


Hi… you probably didn’t notice… but I finally upgraded WordPress… to 2.7!! Wow… I was a few updates behind.. and you probably won’t notice anything different but the dashboard/admin has changed a lot. So far I like it a lot.

As for running let’s see.. I’ve been both lazy and injured. One night (Friday Dec 12th) I slept wrong on my back somehow. That’s all I can figure because when I went to bed it was fine and when I woke up it really hurt. For the next 4 days I was in agony! It was REALLY hurting… no amount of Aleve or Pinot was helping… I just had to wait it out. I did try running Monday night… that only lasted 10 minutes. The next night I was able to do 20 minutes… and now… today for the first time it feels about 90% recovered so I think I could do a 30 minute tonight or something.

Weather has been “bad” I guess… pretty cold and snowy… so I haven’t been able to run outside at least not lately. I’ve been hitting the treadmill… anyway I guess I’ll address all that soon. Just wanted to do a quick update here.

As of today there are 100 days to go!!! So I better get busy.

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Dec 6 2008

Welcome Back!

I’ve decided to run in Olathe on March 29, 2009. This will be the first marathon I’ve run in Kansas… even though I live in Kansas and have run the Kansas City Marathon twice… (its in Missouri of course).

I’ve shoved all past entries into the KC Marathon Category … and everything from here out will be Olathe of course… if you aren’t aware Olathe is the 5th largest city in Kansas… is a burb of KC. You can read about it here.

Since KC Marathon (Oct 18) I’ve been on 4 runs… so I’ve taken quite a break you can see. Last time I had 100 days to train… this time I’ve got 111 … no particular time goal or anything but I imagine it will be around 4:00-4:20… we’ll see how the training goes.

Maybe I’ll get something more exciting going than a running log but we’ll see. I ran across another page I forgot I put up a while back. Did you see it? Did I ever even put it up? I completely forgot about it. Oh well here it is if you want to see.

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