Sep 29 2008

I’ve been busy!!

What have I been busy doing? Not blogging for one!! Here they are, in order I believe:

1. World of Warcraft –

Hit level 70 with my second character, upgraded some slots on my first level 70… and worked QUITE a bit on the gear of my new level 70! Ran some fun instances, worked on a couple of lower characters… Moved a character to another server for the first time… (moved from Darkspear to Lightninghoof). All in all a fairly good sense of accomplishment here… but I may be just about done until the expansion hits November 13th. That was always pretty much the goal… have 2 70s before the expansion hit.

2. Drinking Beer –

New Budweiser “American Ale” released… its pretty good… still haven’t seen it for sale yet but I did obtain a sample. I thought it was similar to Sam Adams Boston Lager… but we’ll see! Other than that this mostly just goes with World of Warcraft.

3. Taco Bell –

I’ve had a lot of it lately… *shrug*

4. Running!??!????

Have I been busy running? Doesn’t seem like it, but compared to my last two hiatuses – let’s see:

This Blogging Hiatus – 21 days, 9 runs, 52.78 Miles, 2.51 Miles per day, 5.86 miles per run (long 13.24)
Last Blogging Hiatus – 11 days, 4 runs, 29.51 Miles, 2.68 Miles per day, 7.37 miles per run (long 11.62)
First Blogging Hiatus – 17 days, 7 runs, 36.3 Miles, 2.13 Miles per day, 5.19 miles per run (long 8.57)

What does this mean? Probably not much… they’re all similar!

Well the fun part is…

I ran a 5k and a Half-Marathon since last post! I’ll cover both of these in separate posts to break it up a little.

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Sep 8 2008

Re-Return of Another Post

Well here again with an update… no I didn’t quit running… just quit posting so much.

Last hiatus was 17 days — in that time, 7 runs, 36.3 Miles… or 2.13 miles per day, or 5.185 miles per run.

This hiatus not so bad? Let’s see… 11 days, 4 runs, 29.51 Miles… or 2.68 miles per day, or 7.37 miles per run. I also completed my longest run so far since the training began… 11.62 miles on Friday – great run, weather great, great pace… just a little hungry! Seriously the running consumes fuel!

Well other notes of interest… didn’t run the Lewis & Clark 10k on Saturday September 6th. I *did* run the Nike+ Human race on Aug 31 (I’ll have another post with details possibly). And an upcoming 10k, The Great Escape 10k was moved from Sep 20th to Oct 11th… which means I should be able to do the 5k on Sep 20th. Works out nice.

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