Aug 28 2008

Return of the post

Be nice to say “Return of the Runner” or something like that … but I’ve been pretty lazy… not only in posting but in running as well. That said, I did manage to get a few runs in. Last post was from 12 August, last run on the 11th. Since then…
36.3 Miles on 7 different runs. Two of them were races…

The Bonner Springs Tiblow Trot (5 Miler) which took place on August 23rd
The 3rd Annual Lansing Fun Run 5k on August 25th.

Tiblow Trot went very well, although I didn’t place. Don’t worry though! I have a good excuse for this one! The age group was “Under 30” — that’s a large group! Usually you’ll have a Under 10, 10-19, 20-29, 30-39 etc… Occasionally you’ll even have a 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, etc… but even I’ll concede that is unnecessary. I think I was beaten by 19,17, and 16 year olds in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Let’s suppose they were in the imaginary 10-19 bracket… I would have placed! Let’s suppose I was already 30… I would have placed!! They had some nice plaques too… but I digress… it was a nice, fun race which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Hills, plenty of them… which are always fun to conquer, and a great atmosphere. Nice serene course and weather not too bad… it was a rainstorm which normally I don’t think anyone minds… the only bad part was the 45 minute rain delay (due to lightning). Starter’s gun didn’t go off (due to dampness)… was a nice time. Ran the 5 miles in 38:51 – which isn’t great, but not too terrible either, 7:46 pace. Really needs to be a lot closer to 7 for a short race like that…. oh well! Always next year!!

Then, there was the Lansing Fun Run. This year’s was VERY small. No race numbers, popsicle sticks, fee, t-shirt, medals, anything! Just a nice little hometown run with a water cooler and some volunteers. It was a fun time appropriately enough! I took it very easy accordingly, running the 5k in 27:19, 8:20 pace.

Well that’s all the news for now… I’m way behind on the miles and having problems with both right & left knee as well as a sore calve muscle that just refuses to heal… but I’m persevering. Still looking forward to KC 08 and everything before and after.

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Aug 12 2008

Good News

A new study states that:

Regular running slows the effects of aging, according to a new study from the Stanford University School of Medicine that has tracked 500 older runners for more than 20 years. Elderly runners have fewer disabilities, a longer span of active life and are half as likely as aging nonrunners to die early deaths, the research found.

Full Article:

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Aug 12 2008

5k Test

Lately (well the last run anyway)… I just wasn’t feeling good at 1-3 miles… which left me thinking… can I even do a good 5k anymore? The first 5k I did this year (and only this year so far) was 24:06… not exactly stellar for me. I ran 23:47 in my first 5k since I started running again, and a PR of 21:05 last November. So… I did a little warm-up…

5k warmup

5k Warmup

Works out nice because I need about a 1 mile warmup to get warmed up… and its about 1 mile to the start of a local 5k that I know the route of. Here it is:

Lansing Kansas Steeplechase 5k

Map from

The map is a little old but its the same route still (I think). I’ve never actually run the race even though its right down the street from my house… there’s just always been scheduling conflicts. Well anyway… here is my run from this evening:

5k route

5k Test Run Route

Pretty good match I think.

Here’s some other data from the test:

5k Data

Data from last 3 runs

 Oh, and here’s the cooldown… for completeness sake…

5k Cooldown

Cool down route

So… I ran it in 22:50. The thing I love about the Garmin 405, is that I know that is close to 100% accurate, if not! Of course the other way to do it is to run 12.5 laps around the local track but what fun is that? This course has some hills… 2 fairly small ones and one really annoying one. The downhill is always nice though.

And here I can immediatley see the step up of competition from the 20-29 to 30-39 age bracket. A time of 22:05 was good enough for 3rd place in the 20-29 age group in this 5k last fall. However in the 30-39 bracket its only good enough for 6th.

It’s never quite the same on a training day than it is a race day though… at least that’s my excuse now to boost my time a little. There’s the pacing of the other racers, beforehand refreshments, a probable cooler temperature (8:00am on Sep 20th as opposed to 8:00pm on Aug 11th), and just general adrenaline boost from the race.

Well that’s a wrap… I think tonight’s my night off.

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Aug 11 2008

Upcoming Races

Participating in these upcoming runs:

Aug 23: Tiblow Trot, Bonner Springs, 5 miles. (Maybe?)
Aug 31: The Human Race 10k, Nike, 6.2 miles. (Registered)
Sep 6: Lewis & Clark 10k, Weston. (Maybe?)
Sep 20: There is a 5k (Steeple Chase, Lansing) and a 10k (Great Escape, Ft. Leavenworth) this day… think I’ll do the 10k? (Probably)
Sep 28: Omaha Half-Marathon, Omaha, NE, 13.1 Miles. (Registered)
Oct 18: Kansas City Marathon… (Registered, duh!)
Nov 23: Gobbler Grind Marathon (Maybe?)

So! Looks like a busy fall. I turn 30 on Sep 17th… so that will push me into a much tougher bracket… oh well… its an eventuality. Looking forward to most of these races! The Omaha Half should be a good half-way point trainer for the KC Marathon… so I’m treating it as a training run instead of a race… therefore I’m not really going for any specific time for it.. just another training run… we’ll see how it goes.

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Aug 11 2008

Week Wrap Up

Still not quite up to snuff, but a large improvement over last week… and what I feel like was a fairy productive week overall… intervals for first time (this training season), a modereatley long run, and average runs running longer… (over 6 miles instead of under 5).

Here’s the data:

Week 5: -10.58 (40 prescribed, ran 29.42)
Week 4: -20.82 Miles (30 prescribed, ran 9.18)
Week 3: +0.08 Miles (34 prescribed, Ran 34.08)
Week 2: -17.59 Miles (31 prescribed, Ran 13.41)
Week 1: -9.58 Miles (26 prescribed, Ran 16.42)

Ok its red but let’s take a look at miles compared to the last 4 weeks:

29.42 in Week 5 is
+20.24 over Week 4,
-4.66 less than Week 3,
+16.01 over Week 2,
+13 over Week 1,
-6.58 vs Intermediate I, + .42 over Novice II, +5.42 over Novice I.

So anyway… I feel it was a pretty good week. 40 Miles was prescribed now 41 this week. I think it’s doable. Most importantly though… a LONG run *must* be completed… minimum 15 miles (17 prescribed)… so that’s the goal for Week 6.

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Aug 6 2008

The Return of Nike+

I’ve had quite a run in the past with the Nike+ system; completely ran out one battery/sensor… and the next one (after a considerable hiatus with no system… Nike+ or GPS) outran me. I goofed the calibration I think and never bothered to fix it. I knew it was off from my dealings with and mostly didn’t care but it was annoying. After a while I just became disillusioned with it and quit using it. Soon after this I got my Garmin 405 anyway… so no real reason to use it! Except it is kind of fun…

Well… I keep hearing more and more about the Nike+ “The Human Race” which will take place on August 31st. I see advertisements for it in Runner’s World every month… and maybe some other places (Sports Illustrated too I think). Anyway… I thought it “might be nice to do” but wasn’t really interested since my Nike+ system was out of whack.

Well last night I decided to take it out again and try to re-calibrate it… this time… it worked! It calibrated great! In fact, I ran side-by-side with my Nike+ and the Garmin 405 and they were keeping a nearly identical pace. Too bad my Garmin battery gave out near the end or I might have had two nice runs to compare! Well I still do… I’ll link them both below… just they’re not as much the same as they could have been. Once again I had a few issues with the 405 which i will get around to writing up one day in a formal review. Until then…

Interval Runs on track for 33:28, 8:45 avg pace, 4:29 best pace, 3.8 Miles.

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Aug 4 2008

No Rest For The Wicked

…or was it weary? In either case I think I qualify. After getting home from work today and immediatley starting 3.5 hours of yard work (with just a quick break for dinner), I came in and jumped on the treadmill for a quick 4.17 miles. I calculate my pace on the treadmill pretty conservatively too so these runs could be a little longer. Anyway… was a great run could have easily gone a lot longer… but… things to do.

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Aug 4 2008

Training Update

Miss a few days and it seems like forever! Here’s a quick update…

July 30th – Ran the standard 5 Miler (4.86 miles) in 39:12. 8:04 Avg. Pace… that’s the best so far. I was really gunning to beat the previously fastest run I had on that route, which was on July 14th. 4.91 miles in 41:28, 8:26 avg pace. Beat it soundly! I think I might run in a 5 Mile race on Aug 23rd, so these will be good training for this. Here’s the link for this run: 

Oh nearly forgot… used the Heart Rate monitor for the first time during this run. It felt slightly constrictive but other than that it was ok. I’ll use it again sometime soon on a similar run.

July 31st: Decided to go on a different route. This one ended up “looking cool”: — had no goal in mind on this run… just went out there… ran. It was hot!

August 1st – August 3rd: no runs! Well… I’ll try to make those runs up this week. So… week 4 is a bust! Better luck in week 5!

This week: +0 – No runs prescribed or performed yet. (40)
Week 4: -20.82 Miles (30 prescribed, ran 9.18)
Week 3: +0.08 Miles (34 prescribed, Ran 34.08)
Week 2: -17.59 Miles (31 prescribed, Ran 13.41)
Week 1: -9.58 Miles (26 prescribed, Ran 16.42)

Hmmm!!! Not looking so great… Let’s see how it would look if I stepped down to Intermediate I:

This week: +0 – No runs prescribed or performed yet. (36)
Week 4: -16.82 Miles (26 prescribed, ran 9.18)
Week 3: +4.08 Miles (30 prescribed, Ran 34.08)
Week 2: -15.59 Miles (29 prescribed, Ran 13.41)
Week 1: -5.58 Miles (22 prescribed, Ran 16.42)

A little better… And Novice II?:

This week: +0 – No runs prescribed or performed yet. (29)
Week 4: -11.82 Miles (21 prescribed, ran 9.18)
Week 3: +10.08 Miles (24 prescribed, Ran 34.08)
Week 2: -10.59 Miles (23 prescribed, Ran 13.41)
Week 1: -0.58 Miles (17 prescribed, Ran 16.42)

Still 3/4 red!!?? Ok Let’s try Novice I!

This week: +0 – No runs prescribed or performed yet. (24)
Week 4: -8.82 Miles (18 prescribed, ran 9.18)
Week 3: +13.08 Miles (21 prescribed, Ran 34.08)
Week 2: -5.59 Miles (19 prescribed, Ran 13.41)
Week 1: +1.42 Miles (15 prescribed, Ran 16.42)

Ok so two green… hmmm… well this is at least as good as last year… isn’t it? See the “About” page for details.


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