Jul 29 2008

Week 3 Wrap-Up

This week: +0.08 Miles (34 prescribed, Ran 34.08)
Week 2: -17.59 Miles (31 prescribed, Ran 13.41)
Week 1: -9.58 Miles (26 prescribed, Ran 16.42)

Here’s the latest run: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/438846

It’s listed there as:
1:24:33, 8:42 pace, 9.35 miles hmmm….

I think it should be:
1:20:17, 8:35 pace, 9.34 miles.

You’ll see why in an upcoming post about the shortcomings of the 405 Forerunner. Now don’t get me wrong its an amazing device… I am thankful for it. However, it does have some quirks… or maybe I just need to get used to it.

That’s for another post though. This is just the wrap up… let’s see… coming upĀ for week 4 I have… only 30 miles to do! Wow!

Well I met the mileage this past week for the first time. Additionally I did my longest run as well as my fastest (avg. pace) at the same time. I finished strong and felt really great miles 5-9. Should I go for a harder goal? Maybe I can run about 3:50 instead of 4:00? After all I am training pretty hard I think… hmm… we’ll just have to see as it gets closer. Weeks 9, 11, and 13 have 50 miles each!

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Jul 26 2008

Kansas in July is HOT

Got up early this morning and stepped outside to check the temp… felt kinda cool actually but after being outside for about 20 seconds was already starting to sweat. Very humid… of course it only got hotter as the day went on. I was thinking on Friday about which day was I going to long run… Saturday or Sunday? Both had storms forcecast for morning as well as high temperatures. I was getting a little depressed looking at the options… but then I had a revelation!! The treadmill!!

Yeah its not as good … but sometimes its not too bad. It’ll do… and it certainly helps on days like today. Ran 75:02 on it. Listened to entire Coldplay CD, then 7/10 songs on the Outputmessage CD. I haven’t been listening to music running outside recently… but on a treamill I think its more than warranted.

OK so here are the stats through Saturday:

Today: 75:02, 8:30 pace (avg)
Miles: +4.74 Miles (20 prescribed, 24.74 ran)

Then went out for great steak dinner, mowed, played a lot of good WoW, now settling down to drink some beer. Also beat Half-Life 2 episode 1, started episode 2, read some, went skating with my son. What a great productive day for being 93+ degrees all day!

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Jul 24 2008

July 23

Ran a fast 2.68 at almost 5k pace… was a little hot and humid (only 79 but very humid), or maybe could have run at full 5k pace. Tonight I’m taking a break… but not a total break. Time to get serious about some strength training. I’ll do this with just some simple 5lb weights… I did this once before and did notice a difference… so… hopefully I can stick with this through the rest of the training season and beyond.

Strength training program I’ll be doing: http://www.halhigdon.com/15Ktraining/Strength.html (only takes about 22 minutes or so).

Last night’s run: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/407850

Update: This week: +5.94 Miles (so far) (10 prescribed, 15.94 ran)

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Jul 23 2008

Mid-Week Update

Running weeks are Monday – Sunday.

This week: +10.26 Miles (so far)
Week 2: -17.59 Miles (31 prescribed, Ran 13.41)
Week 1: -9.58 Miles (26 prescribed, Ran 16.42)

Beers consumed this week: 2
consumed last week: (too many to count)
consumed week 1: ? (wasn’t keeping track)

I’m loosely following this schedule: http://www.halhigdon.com/marathon/inter2.html

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Jul 23 2008

July 22 Going the Extra Half-Mile.

Ok… so the time & temp today says 83… much better!

Started at 9:30 pace… feels faster than that!! I think the satelittle has some reception problems or something.
Ratchets up to 8:30ish pretty soon… feels like the same pace… ok better…
Couple big hills… no problem.
Did stop to walk twice… but still ended up with faster average pace than last time.

So when I was approaching the end of the 5 miles, I decided to go an extra half-mile… even though i really felt like stopping. This is one of my training extras that I came up with. By doing something extra that you weren’t planning on either with your mind or body I think it really prepares for when you do have to go the extra mile… or 1/2 mile… or 26. We’ll see some extra MILES soon enough I hope!

Here’s the garmin link for this one: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/402041

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Jul 22 2008

July 21

Ran for 69:02 on the treadmill. I originally planned to go outside for a run. Called time and temp at 7:22pm and it was 91. Called at 7:28pm going out the door to see if it dropped… still 91. As soon as I stepped outside my watch glass fogged up instantly and it looked like it was going to storm any minute… ok back inside.

The treadmill has some pros & some cons. You could probably surmise most of these yourself – there are of course some obvious pros and one of the cons – if it isn’t obvious – is potential constant interruption. My son must have asked me how to beat certain levels in ‘Tony Hawk Underground’ no less than 15 times. I hope he remembered to save it this time.

Well anyway pretty good run:

4:00 warmup at 4.3 speed.
4:01 – 52:50 at 5.1 speed.
52:51 – 68:53 at 6.2 speed.

I stopped it at 68:53 because I remembered that it takes 7 seconds for the clock to stop and I figured I would stop right at 69:00. Well… I guess it takes 7 seconds when running at 5.5. At 6.2 apparently it takes 9 seconds hence my 69:02 time. Oh well…

Pretty good work out… I’m pleased with this one. Hopefully next time I can go outside.

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Jul 21 2008

Training for the KC Marathon begins!


Welcome to my training blog for the Kansas City Marathon that will take place on October 18, 2008. My training began on July 8th – approximately 15 weeks out. My ultimate goal is to run the marathon in under 4 hours… however I will settle for beating my last year’s time (4:07:28). But… the way the training has gone so far I may be lucky to break 4:10!

That is one of the purposes of this blog… to motivate me to train harder… let’s see how it goes!

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