Sep 8 2008

Re-Return of Another Post

Well here again with an update… no I didn’t quit running… just quit posting so much.

Last hiatus was 17 days — in that time, 7 runs, 36.3 Miles… or 2.13 miles per day, or 5.185 miles per run.

This hiatus not so bad? Let’s see… 11 days, 4 runs, 29.51 Miles… or 2.68 miles per day, or 7.37 miles per run. I also completed my longest run so far since the training began… 11.62 miles on Friday – great run, weather great, great pace… just a little hungry! Seriously the running consumes fuel!

Well other notes of interest… didn’t run the Lewis & Clark 10k on Saturday September 6th. I *did* run the Nike+ Human race on Aug 31 (I’ll have another post with details possibly). And an upcoming 10k, The Great Escape 10k was moved from Sep 20th to Oct 11th… which means I should be able to do the 5k on Sep 20th. Works out nice.

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Aug 6 2008

The Return of Nike+

I’ve had quite a run in the past with the Nike+ system; completely ran out one battery/sensor… and the next one (after a considerable hiatus with no system… Nike+ or GPS) outran me. I goofed the calibration I think and never bothered to fix it. I knew it was off from my dealings with and mostly didn’t care but it was annoying. After a while I just became disillusioned with it and quit using it. Soon after this I got my Garmin 405 anyway… so no real reason to use it! Except it is kind of fun…

Well… I keep hearing more and more about the Nike+ “The Human Race” which will take place on August 31st. I see advertisements for it in Runner’s World every month… and maybe some other places (Sports Illustrated too I think). Anyway… I thought it “might be nice to do” but wasn’t really interested since my Nike+ system was out of whack.

Well last night I decided to take it out again and try to re-calibrate it… this time… it worked! It calibrated great! In fact, I ran side-by-side with my Nike+ and the Garmin 405 and they were keeping a nearly identical pace. Too bad my Garmin battery gave out near the end or I might have had two nice runs to compare! Well I still do… I’ll link them both below… just they’re not as much the same as they could have been. Once again I had a few issues with the 405 which i will get around to writing up one day in a formal review. Until then…

Interval Runs on track for 33:28, 8:45 avg pace, 4:29 best pace, 3.8 Miles.

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Jul 21 2008

Training for the KC Marathon begins!


Welcome to my training blog for the Kansas City Marathon that will take place on October 18, 2008. My training began on July 8th – approximately 15 weeks out. My ultimate goal is to run the marathon in under 4 hours… however I will settle for beating my last year’s time (4:07:28). But… the way the training has gone so far I may be lucky to break 4:10!

That is one of the purposes of this blog… to motivate me to train harder… let’s see how it goes!

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