May 26 2009

Training Over.

Seems like really, this became the training blog for the 2009 Minneapolis Marathon, well that’s pretty much what I’ve been training for. Hospital Hill became almost an afterthought… but that was entirely unintentional. I always meant to train for Hospital Hill… and the Minneapolis Marathon just fell into place.

Training for a half-marathon is sooooo much easier than training for a full. Training for a full can be brutal – if you let it – it’s DOUBLE the half!!! Yes, I’m serious!

Anyway, I am registered for Hospital Hill now. What you say??? Wasn’t I always registered? Well last post on here was May 4th. I registered for HH on May 15. The last day they print your name on the bib, so I guess I made the cut for that! My bib is 2290.

Ok… so… how’s the training been going bub? Well its been going pretty good there Jack! Here’s what we have for ya (since May 4th):

May 7th – 2.96 Miles – 8:31 pace
May 8th – 4.5 Miles – 8:42 pace
May 11th – 6.85 Miles – 8:58 pace
May 13th – 4.5 Miles – 8:21 pace
May 16th – 14.28 Miles – 8:56 pace
May 19th – 3.1 Miles – 8:33 pace
May 25th – 5.75 Miles – 8:39 pace

Of note are May 11th – where, in doing ANOTHER 6.85 miles – I did something totally different! I did some major hill training. I ran up and down and up and down and up and down some HILLS! Despite being 6.85 miles it was a completely different route than the usual 6.85 – so this was a good pace/time.

May 16th – Long run. Felt pretty good. Felt like at the end of the 14.28 I still had a lot left, I was just tired/bored/had other things to do. When you devote one entire day (well morning really) to a marathon and have aid stations every couple miles and cheering people and pacers and people to run with and talk to – it’s a lot different than running 14 by yourself. I did take 1 gel and took a short water break at 7 miles, but that’s it. I think I’ll be good for race day.

Now the only FUCKING problem is I seem to have developed some shin splints. These are a son of a bitch that I’d just love to murder. I iced them tonight. They’ve been giving me problems when I’m running, but really I’ve kinda tried to take it easy. Guess it hasn’t worked to well because they seem to be getting worse not better. I’ve had them once before and they sucked then just like they do now. Last time I took a lot of time off and got some new shoes = fixed. Now, I’ve gotten some new shoes (not fixed) and tried to take time off… (not fixed).

OK so there it is! I am NOW taking time off. The run I did yesterday was the last one. I’m on complete rest until Sunday when I take on the whole 26. During that time I’m keeping my leg iced, doing stretches, and maybe a little cycling or something.

I’m ready for this race – shin splints or not. Just not sure how I’ll be holding up for Hospital Hill, we’ll see!!!!

And since I’m done training let’s see how KC Marathon Training last fall stacks up to Hospital Hill Minneapolis Marathon Training:

KC Miles Minneap Miles
13.24 14.28
11.62 13.34
10 13.1
9.35 13.1
8.87 10.15
8.57 7.75
7.57 6.86
7.43 6.85
7.24 6.85
6.93 6.85
6.73 6.85
6.51 6.85
6.41 6.85
6.2 6.85
6.17 6.15
6.15 5.75
6 5
5.88 5
5.69 4.5
5 4.5
4.95 4.5
4.91 4.38
4.86 3.5
4.86 3.5
4.52 3.5
4.5 3.5
4.5 3.4
4.5 3.4
4.5 3.2
4.32 3.1
4.17 3.1
3.8 2.96
(avg) 5.52 (avg) 6.23
(total) 248.44 (total) 199.47

248 Total Miles for KC training over 100 days, July 8, 2008 and October 16, 2008. 13.24 long, 2.68 short, 5.52 average. 45 runs.
199 Total Miles for MN training over 128 days, Jan 17 2009 and May 25th 2009. 14.28 long, 2.96 short, 6.23 average. 32 runs.

BUT — I did do 10 treadmill runs for MN not counted in those tabulations! So bottom line is: I feel great for the race.

Report coming soon!

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Feb 5 2009

Minneapolis Marathon

I’m signed up, running it… officially. I’ve paid my $85 so no turning back now! Finisher’s jacket… hmm that’s a nice new one! The marathon looks great, and its the inaugural – so I’ll be happy to be there! Here’s the website: Minneapolis Marathon 2009 – of course they have another one that they’ve done for years that will be on October 4th. I think I like May 31 in Minnesota better… but we’ll see. Should be perfect weather.

No goal in mind for this one – just want to finish it and have fun. A PR might be nice, and it appears to be a fast course unlike hilly KC.

But — its only a week out from Hospital Hill!!! How will that pan out for Hospital Hill?? Who knows… remains to be seen I guess! Hopefully I’m not too tired. Might not bode too well for my Hospital Hill goal… but should be still quite doable. After all — there are people who do 50 consecutive marathons on 50 consecutive days in 50 different states – and then those that strive for even more…

So… the Inaugural  Minneapolis Marathon looks to be a fun one – and like any good marathon they are interested in attracting “out of staters” or “50 staters” — so they have a promotion running where the first 3 participants from each of the 50 states can get some prizes. Well I’m the first from Kansas! They have 23 states going so far… still 2 slots available from Kansas and 3 slots available from Missouri. They have a standings page for it all too.

Well… another treadmill run down, and nice weather on the way. Maybe I can knock out some distance runs soon… yeah that sounds good.

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Jan 30 2009


What distance will you run?

  • Marathon (22%, 2 Votes)
  • Half-Marathon (22%, 2 Votes)
  • Not attending (22%, 2 Votes)
  • 10k (11%, 1 Votes)
  • 5k (11%, 1 Votes)
  • Undecided (11%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 9

Loading ... Loading ...

My Half-Marathon PR is 1:51:12 (Omaha 2008 – I felt like I could have had an even better time with better pacing).

My Hospital Hill times have been:
1:56:32 (2007)
1:54:57 (2008)
Also… in the 2008 one I really slacked on the training terribly bad.

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Jan 30 2009

Advanced Training Schedule

Straight from the Hospital Hill website — the advanced training schedule. It begins Monday March 2, 2009. That’s more than a month away! So what am I doing training already? Well I guess I’m not really training so much as “getting back in shape” – Winter is always terrible for running. There’s Christmas, snow, cold, New Years, cold, snow, really cold, and wind chill. I don’t mind at all running when its about 20 or better, but any colder than that and it becomes a little annoying. Throw in a wind chill or snow on the ground and I really won’t want to go.

Plus… the last two years the Winter is basically coming off of the Kansas City Marathon which is the culmination of an entire year’s worth of training… so it always seems like I’m in need of a much deserved break. I always wonder if I’ve taken too long off and will have to “start over” – so far I haven’t reached that threshold. Seems like I read somewhere it was 3-4 months for a big degradation. Hard to believe though on Oct 18 I ran 26.2 in under 4 hours… pretty sure I couldn’t run over 13 right now if I had to. Since Oct 18th I’ve run exactly: 7 times… I think…

So I’m looking at it this way… I have until March 2 to be in shape. Hah! Easy… cause even then the advanced training schedule – I have to say – looks refreshingly easy compared to last year’s marathon training that I was doing. The long runs are 8-13 miles!! Instead of an endless array of 12, 15, 16, 18, 20, 20, 19, 22 milers. Not that I did those mind you… but they were written down on the training schedule taunting me.

THIS time I should be able to stick with it ok. Let’s see what we have here:

Adv HH Traing Pt. I

Adv HH Traing Pt. I

I should be able to tackle this no problem. I even have quite a few hills on my regular route to run up and down and up and down. Dare I say I am looking forward to those days? They hurt so good.

The only thing I’m NOT looking forward to is cross-training. I suck at it. There is really nothing I want to do besides running. Maybe I can do some Yoga on the WiiFit or something…

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Jan 24 2009


I have to apologize for yesterday’s post… what a clusterf#$k!!! I guess that’s what I get for writing the post over a period of about 4 hours.

After all I can’t really brag about the QUANTITY of posts here so what else is there? Hmm…. 🙂

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Jan 22 2009

Winter Sucks For Running

Sorry the blog sucks lately, but well… Winter sucks for running. Sure there’s ways around it… there’s some enjoyment in the brisk cold runs… but for the most part it just sucks. And it’s not even really the temperature so much as the short days. I remember getting back from summer runs at 9pm sometimes and there’s still daylight left to burn. Not so now as its getting dark about 5:30ish.

But … things are looking up. Despite snowing the other day and continually frigid temperatures … its going to be 65 today! Even if just for a day I’ll take it. And now, a month after the Solstice – days are getting longer finally. I suppose at the 39th latitude I can’t complain too much anyway – could be worse!

Ok… well enough about the weather. Good news: injury free, been running.

I went out the other day when it was high 30s… actually felt fine for running.

My beloved Garmin 405 had actually completely discharged, and as a result now showed the wrong time. Not important really other than the only way to get the time right is to have it talk to a satellite – easy right? Well I headed out on a short, easy, normal route (3.5 miles) – and completed it pretty easily! I would have liked to go further (I was just getting warmed up – literally) but I was pressed for time.

Oh well.

I was surprised to see however nearing the end of my run that it wasn’t at 3.5 miles because I was used to that route being almost exactly 3.5 miles… which made it nice for comparing runs quite easily.

The difference may have been partly attributed to a firmware upgrade that the Forerunner 405 has had since my last runs from 2.1 to 2.3. Not sure on the exact dates, but my last run (and looks to be all runs actually) prior to Jan 17th was on October 28th. During that run I had firmware 2.1, and this – the most recent run firmware 2.3… ok still with me?

Here’s some changes from 2.1-2.3 that could affect mileage:

  • Increased trackpoint resolution when turning or changing speeds.
  • Fixed issue where low or zero speed could be recorded at turns.
  • Fixed issue where poor GPS reception could cause an incorrect distance in the track log.
  • Made adjustments to instantaneous pace filtering

There were a few more, but those look like the relative changes for this concern. Here’s an animated image I made superimposing 4 runs that are the same route. You’ll see they are very similar… with the 3 2.1 firmware runs all 3.5 and the 1 2.3 run 3.4. It will take more runs to get a better feel for it – but I only welcome product updates to increase accuracy!

3.5 Mile Route.

3.5 Mile Route.

The beginning/end does change a little… but I usually just try to run a little longer or shorter and stop right on 3.5 to account for tiny discrepancies during the run such as dodging traffic or wildlife.

Well this post has rambled long enough. I’ve hit the streets, I’ve hit the treadmill and once again I feel good. I was thinking for a goal… hmmm maybe I can run Hospital Hill in under 1:45? I’ve just made friends with Hospital Hill on facebook too – looks like its going to be a good year for running… I can feel it!

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Jan 7 2009

Maybe Oklahoma City?

I confess… I haven’t run at all since I last posted. Not once.

While I did have Christmas, New Years, and everything in-between to contend with…

I’ve simply been unable to remain injury free. Today I feel pretty good though, better instead of worse – so I think that means I’m on the road to recovery. I hope so. The weather has been letting up a little and every time I see someone out running I feel a pang of jealousy.

I remember running in the summer heat and the feeling of just being in a total rhythm – like the climax reprise chorus of a rock anthem. That day is coming!

108 days until Oklahoma City. Only 80 until Olathe… perhaps I can do the 1/2 marathon in Olathe as a warmup for Oklahoma City. I was hoping to complete the “Kansas City Triple Crown” this year – which is running the Olathe Marathon in March, the KC Marathon in October, and the Gobbler Grind (Overland Park) Marathon in November.

Oh well… I only have the rest of my life — I’m sure one of these years it will work out for the Triple Crown. Not much information I can find out about it anyway… and it wasn’t held in 2008 apparently. Here’s a little info on it:

Maybe MaraRunning will put up something soon… they did post the 2009 schedule so that’s always fun to look through!

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Dec 23 2008

Training Begins

Ok… so maybe this is the third or so time I’ve made this claim… but this time it’s true! Monday’s a good day to start something right?

Well just for a short story I ran into my marathoning partner in crime at Wal-Mart whilst doing the LAST of last minute shopping.. that’s right I’m done Christmas shopping. Well anyway he asks how the training is going since its been -15 to 8 degrees with the windchills the past week or so. I tell him I’m doing the treadmill thing and so is he… anyway he mentions that he usually watches TV… yeah I’d thought of that before but until this moment I didn’t realize what a good idea this actually was…

So last night I turned a TV around in front of the treadmill, hooked up some headphones and started running… watching Firefly DVD – the episode – Ariel – a good one! I forgot how much I love this show.

So before I knew it I was 20 minutes in and not even paying attention to the running which I was doing at a pretty brisk pace. Definitely found a new thing to do which should make the treadmill a lot more to look forward to. I’ll be able to catch up on all kinds of movies and shows that I normally don’t have time for…

Well unfortunatley my great workout was interuppted about 27 minutes in… oh well. I’m sure I’ll get another one in tonight for hopefully quite longer.

OK so… first recorded training:

Dec 22 – 27 Minutes

95 days to go.

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Dec 18 2008


Hi… you probably didn’t notice… but I finally upgraded WordPress… to 2.7!! Wow… I was a few updates behind.. and you probably won’t notice anything different but the dashboard/admin has changed a lot. So far I like it a lot.

As for running let’s see.. I’ve been both lazy and injured. One night (Friday Dec 12th) I slept wrong on my back somehow. That’s all I can figure because when I went to bed it was fine and when I woke up it really hurt. For the next 4 days I was in agony! It was REALLY hurting… no amount of Aleve or Pinot was helping… I just had to wait it out. I did try running Monday night… that only lasted 10 minutes. The next night I was able to do 20 minutes… and now… today for the first time it feels about 90% recovered so I think I could do a 30 minute tonight or something.

Weather has been “bad” I guess… pretty cold and snowy… so I haven’t been able to run outside at least not lately. I’ve been hitting the treadmill… anyway I guess I’ll address all that soon. Just wanted to do a quick update here.

As of today there are 100 days to go!!! So I better get busy.

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Dec 6 2008

Welcome Back!

I’ve decided to run in Olathe on March 29, 2009. This will be the first marathon I’ve run in Kansas… even though I live in Kansas and have run the Kansas City Marathon twice… (its in Missouri of course).

I’ve shoved all past entries into the KC Marathon Category … and everything from here out will be Olathe of course… if you aren’t aware Olathe is the 5th largest city in Kansas… is a burb of KC. You can read about it here.

Since KC Marathon (Oct 18) I’ve been on 4 runs… so I’ve taken quite a break you can see. Last time I had 100 days to train… this time I’ve got 111 … no particular time goal or anything but I imagine it will be around 4:00-4:20… we’ll see how the training goes.

Maybe I’ll get something more exciting going than a running log but we’ll see. I ran across another page I forgot I put up a while back. Did you see it? Did I ever even put it up? I completely forgot about it. Oh well here it is if you want to see.

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